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Mar 13, 2008 05:13 AM

Tacos on 18th?

As I passed the little deli at 18th and Spruce (maybe Savoy Deli?), I noticed it was all redone inside and had a big poster outside saying "Mexican tacos tamales Saturdays only." Sounds like it's worth a try, since all the other taco places are in South Philly. If anyone goes, please report back. Thank you.

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  1. I really hope someone has something to say about these tacos because I've also seen the sign and wondered!!

    1. OK, it was a nice Saturday afternoon so I got a Tamale on the way to Rittenhouse Square. Verdict: Nice spicy chile flavor, a little light on the filling (no discernible chunks of meat) compared to the masa, price was $2.50. Not the best Philly has to offer but not a bad choice for munching in the park.

      1. They have two kinds: tamales verdes and tamales de rajas--the latter ("slices") are poblanos and onions, best I can tell...she didn't know how to translate exactly. Both have chicken. I thought both were really mild, and the masa too soft for my taste. But not bad for a neighborhood tamale. Didn't try the tacos. La Lupe has better tamales for half the price, but they are further away for me.