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Mar 13, 2008 12:53 AM

Peter's 'Cajun Style' Pizza ?

On my way down to Bier Market tonight I got shuttled off a streetcar that was short turned at Parliament and QueenSt. E. While waiting for another car to come along I noticed "Peter's Cajun Style Pizza" right behind a Mr. Tasty Restaurant on Parliament
It was a small yet inviting space with a large bay window to look in (and out of) I would like to return there sometime and try the Cajun Style Pizza.
Can anyone give me a take on this one of a kind restaurant?

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  1. It was excellent at one time. As happens too often in Toronto, it became really, REALLY bad -- the food and other things. Unless someone you trust posts a recent good experience, stay away.

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    1. re: embee

      Interesting to hear that it's gone downhill. We haven't ordered from there in a long time, but used to like it. Too bad.

    2. Yes, beware of the "other things" at Peter's Cajun. Better, and I mean much muuuuch better for pizza on Parliament is Big Mamma's Boy.

      1. Yes, it's one of a kind!
        You'll only go once (at least I never went back).

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          I was in there about 2 years ago walking the the Opera House on a nice summer night. It was a cool oasis of a spot looking for something to eat in an area of town that was predominantly sketchy looking homeburger jonts and others with worn out plastic booths.

          They had cold beer on tap and got a slice of the Cajun. It was tasty but really overspiced. It made me drink large gulps of beer to douse the heat. I was heading off to see bands and didn't want to deal with heartburn or tummy issues later so didnt eat the last 1/3 of slice. Interesting experience but wouldn't go back.