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Mar 12, 2008 10:32 PM

Best Sushi in Plano/Dallas Area

I'm a Chicago foodie that travels to Plano just about every week. Does anyone have any recommendations for fresh sushi? And I'm not talking about the crazy maki rolls... I enjoy having sashimi - in particular fatty salmon (oh so creamy), toro, chu toro, uni, hamachi, etc.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I'm partial to Sushi Sake in Richardson ( I'd easily put it in the top 5 sushi places in the DFW area.

    Though the name might be used elsewhere, this is a family-owned restaurant - not a chain.

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    1. I personally think that Sushi Sake is okay but not any better than Masami. I would personally suggest Masami on 75 & Beltine West of 75.

      In Plano I would suggest Simon's Sushi on 75 & Plano Parkway East side of the 75 near hooters.

      Sushi Awaji on Park East of Preston on the North side of the street is also resonably okay not great but okay.

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        I haven't been to Sushi Sake to compare, but I am also a big fan of Masami. The (cooked) escolar they had last week was out of this world. The specials on the white board have all been very good when I've tried them. I've also heard that Oishii in Dallas is very good but I haven't been able to get down there to try it.

        1. re: luniz

          I've been to both, and pretty much agree with irodguy. Overall, the sushi quality is comparable (both good). I think that the service at Masami was better - more attention from both the waitress and from the sushi chefs. Also, I had some more creative (or, at least new to me) dishes at Masami - the cooked escolar that luniz mentioned... I found that the cooking really enhanced the flavor relative to raw escolar. Also we had Kampachi sushi with a very small piece of roasted garlic on top, a tempura snapper-stuffed jalapeno... For me, it's generally about the sushi, but I really enjoyed the non-sushi items that the chef sent our way.

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          Thanks to everyone who mentioned Simon's Sushi! We went there based on the reviews last week and sat at the bar and spent at least an hour and a half talking to Simon while he gave us random sushi.....great! and so different. Fun experience...we'll be taking friends there soon for sure.

          Thanks again

        3. For traditional high quality sushi & sashimi in this area you can't bean Sushi Sake. Especially if sitting at the bar in the owners section.

          1. I live in Dallas, so I can't comment on Plano sushi.

            Yutaka, which is a tiny, cramped Sushi Bar right off of McKinney Avenue in Uptown, serves what is without a doubt the best sushi in Dallas. It is absolutely out of this world. I've been lucky enough to eat sushi in LA, San Fran, Houston, Key West, NYC and Paris and Yutaka compares favorably.

            Of course, I'm terribly biased to all things Dallas, but I just love Yutaka.

            A close second, and a runaway winner in the ambience/people-watching department, is Tei-Tei. I go at least 2-3 times a month and have done for 6 years now.


            1. No suggestions for Sushi of Plano? That'd be my pick.

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              1. re: air

                Toshi has great sushi, but the place is a little leary.

                1. re: MarcusB

                  Well, I would prefer a not so chic place with friendly service over some fancy pants over-priced sushi place. Toshi's sushi is very fresh and its a good price too.

                  1. re: demonllama

                    I believe the intent of this thread is to point a Chicago traveller to a place that they can visit solo. I personally have no problem going to Sushi of Plano, Sushiyama or any number of places like that in this town, but I would be hesitant to point an out of town traveller to one.