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Mar 12, 2008 10:31 PM

Foil on bottom of oven

I have a foil sheet on my lower oven rack to protect against spills onto the heating element. Lately, I've been thinking that this is affecting my baking. Is this a possiblity or likely just in my head?

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  1. Good question. I can testify that dirty dark pans cook much better than bright shiny new ones. The inside of ovens are usually black (can't remember seeing stainless steel) so maybe there's a good reason it's so dark in there.

    1. I had a foil sheet in the bottom of my oven. I had a repairman over because my oven temp wasn't working well. He did his tests and they came back normal. He told me to take the foil out as it affects the temperature. I did and I had not problems after that.

      1. You can buy a silpat oven liner that won't affect the temperature.

        1. bmorecupcake, I've had the bottom wire shelf covered in aluminum foil for ages, and have never had a problem with cooking or baking.

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            I'd think it would make a big difference depending on having electric stoves or gas. The thermostat location is one factor, as would be the "over temperature switch" that protects electric elements from burning out. Because gas stoves have to vent the combustion gases the oven chamber is not really sealed -- thus the foil ought not block that venting.

            1. re: dolores

              You're lucky. Thermal convection is directly affected by cavity depth. Covering those wire racks limits the scale of the oven cavity. If you have convection, this is a much more serious problem.

            2. I made Lindsey Shere's almond tart out of "Alice Waters and Chez Panisse" last weekend, and one of the instructions is to place the foil for catching drips with the shiny side down because she says the reflection on the shiny side can affect your oven's thermostat. Amazing. Who knew? (Lindsey Shere and Three-of-us's repairman, apparently!)