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Sushi from Vons

This sounds crazy, but I was compelled to buy sushi from Vons in Pasadena on California street right across from the Huntington Memorial hospital.

Compelled? I was walking by and saw this older gent of asian decent making the sushi. (looked and sounded filipino) Curiously, I stopped and watched a bit. My 8 yo (who loves some sushi), pointed...so I bought... I got a pack of "blue crab" roll and an avocado roll.

The kind gent even asked if I had any special requests... not having tasted any "supermarket" sushi (ok, i tried Trader Joe's sushi and wasn't too happy with it) I politely declined.

Well, popped those packets open in the car and much to my amazement, they tasted good! All the ingredients were fresh, the rice had a nice texture and flavorful too.

Never woulda thunk it. Any howz, just wanted to share what I believe to be a unique culinary experience.

<nodding head> sushi at vons...



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  1. I use to get sushi from Wild Oats and when the guys were there behind the counter, they would take special requests as well. No more Wild Oats, but will check out Whole Foods and see if it is just as tasty. My Vons does not have anyone or even a place for someone to make it. :(

    1. I get sushi not infrequently from the Gelson's in Irvine. Sure it's not Nobu or even Bluefin by Abe (outstanding sushi in Newport), but nevertheless if I want a quick sushi lunch at home, it's pretty good!

      1. I pass by this Vons a lot and shop there once in a while but never noticed sushi there. Is this gentlemen inside Vons? or outside with a booth? I wouldn't mind stopping by for a snack and bring some over to my friends...

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          Yo Pig! Howz it oink'n!

          The guy is there behind the seafood section. He faces out and smiles alot. I dunno what his schedule is, but I was there on a thursday afternoon.

          Give it a go!



        2. I just wish they'd get better edaname - Gelson's is the only supermarket kind I like as I think they cook them fresh there. Still not wild about any supermarket's sushi, though. I think Bristol Farms may be the best of the chains. Love their poke bar, though!

          1. Never ever get the stuff that is premade and prepackaged and just sitting there in the refrigerated section.

            I've tried the sushi that's freshly made to order at the sushi counter inside the Pavilions in Arcadia (Naomi and Baldwin), and that stuff is ok.

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              Ya, Arcadia vons is quite the store with that center cooked foods area. nice effort for a "super" market.


            2. There's a sushi guy at the Pavilions in south pasadena, but I've never tried it. The sushi from Bristol Farms is passable, rice is kind of hard though.

              1. We've been getting the sushi from the case at our Pavillions in Culver City for a while now (it's not very upscale, so basically a Vons). For what it is, it's really pretty good. The fish is reasonably fresh and the rice holds up okay. Definitely fixes the sushi craving when we don't have time or a babysitter to get over to a sushi bar.

                They don't seem to have a chef at all, but do have a sushi assembler who takes requests during the daytime. She doesn't cut the fish, though, just puts together the prepared materials. It is fresher tasting than what's in the case, but the case stuff isn't bad.

                T.J.'s sushi is nasty...won't buy it anymore even when desperate. Whole Foods in El Segundo had decent sushi when we tried it a few month's back, but the wait for custom-made was long and the price wasn't that great. Would rather go to a bar and have the whole experience and better sushi. Haven't tried the other stores mentioned here.

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                  I'm not a big fan of supermarket sushi, but if I do get it, I get it after 5:30 at Ranch 99 on Sepulveda, because it's half off. Kinda makes up for it being supermarket sushi.

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                    <<holding nose>> theres a reason why it's half off!!!!


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                      No, it's half off in the evening bc they want to sell it all off. They make it each day so it's fresh that day.

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                        The fish in half off sushi is fine. It's the rice that gets hard from being in the cooler case all day.

                        Bristol Farms in Los Altos usually has a sushi man present.

                    2. re: Miketsu

                      Isn't TJ's sushi Okami brand? I can't see mass-produced sushi: too many opportunities to cut corners, lowering overall quality.