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Mar 12, 2008 10:03 PM

Sushi during lunch

What are some good sushi spots during lunch in San Francisco?

I've been searching around and it seems like all of the notable sushi spots are closed.


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  1. Which area(s) are you looking at ?

    1. Sushi Raw out in the Excelsior is open for lunch, not earth shattering but good, fresh and cheap.

      1. My office is in the financial district and I hit Ozumo quite regularly for lunch.

        1. Takara in Japantown has full sushi service during lunch. Very, very good as well but it might be a bit of a trek for you if you are in the Financial district.

          1. Not sure where your lunch is, but if it's in or near FiDi, you may want to check out Akiko's (Bush, between Kearny and Grant). FiDi has a lot of bad to mediocre sushi, but Akiko's is one of the better choices for this area.

            Another possibility would be Mikaku (on Grant, just south of the Chinatown gate at Bush), which is open at lunch, although I prefer their dinnertime-only cooked specials.