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Mar 12, 2008 09:19 PM

Ethnic Restaurants in Kansas City

My friends and I are wanting to start a monthly lunch group to try various ethnic and unusual restaurants in the Kansas City area. We were first looking for a Cuban restaurant, but will take all kinds of suggestions!

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  1. What a great idea! We have a never ending supply of ethnic restaurants in the KC area. I would recommend El Pulgarcito in Merriam, KS for very good Salvadorean.

    Pho 97 at Independence Blvd. and Prospect, and Vietnam Cafe at 5th and Missouri for good Vietnamese.

    Habashi House in the City Market for wonderful Arabic/Middle Eastern food.

    El Taco Nazo at 4th and Kansas Ave, KCK for Mexican.

    Korma Sutra in Westport for Indian.

    I'm sure many more suggestions from posters will pop up.

    1. I agree with the recommendation for Korma Sutra (although I'm not an Indian food expert).

      I also recommend the Aladdin Cafe at the corner of Wyoming and 39th. Some of the best Middle Eastern food I've eaten outside of the Detroit area. It's also a great value--you get a ton of food for what you order.

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        I would add Hien Vuong Vietnamese in the River Market, it's my favorite vietnamese and just about my favorite restaurant in KC.

        Some others that I can think of: Blue Nile, an Ethiopian restaurant located at the river market. There is Colombian food at Rincon Columbiano in KCK as well as the Venezuelan Cafe on Central in KCK.

        For real Mexican I would suggest Laura's on Central in KCK and El Camino Real for tacos on 7th(?) and in the Argentine District, also in KCK.

        Korean-Chosun Korean restaurant in O.P.

        Please keep us informed on your group's outings!

      2. Thanks to everyone's replies so far.....these are great suggestions! I will post our progress and reviews as we explore KC's ethnic restaurants.

        1. I'd suggest One Bite for Japanese bar and grill food. Be sure to share an okonomiyaki or two!

          1. I definitely agree on Korma Sutra for Indian

            Also try Saigon 39 for Vietnamese, on 39th and state line
            and right across the street try
            Blue Koi, im not sure what this would be considered, definitely some sort of chinese fusion, but best dumplings ever.