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Mar 12, 2008 09:09 PM

Pretty good Tapas at Embargo Hyannis

Like the title says....and half-price to boot! Not sure if it's an off-season thing but Tuesday nights and before 6:30 during the week you can buy any tapas on the menu for half price. (except lobster items) This makes most items $3-5 so the wife and I ended up ordering more than we really needed. We had spring rolls, garlic shrimp, kobe sliders, pomme frites with parmesan and truffle oil, and braised chicken leg. All were rather good and the place was quite lively for a Tuesday night off-season Main Street. Service was excellent. Menu could have been broader but what's there is done well. Tapas, salads, apps, and a couple of entrees is what's offered. Many upscale (read expensive) trendy cocktails on the drink menu. Kinda of an urban feel with a long oval bar , with nice half round booths on risers on one side, with a dining alcove on thee other. Worth a visit if looking for a change of pace in Hyannis.

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  1. My family also visited Embargo (on a Tuesday night) and I have to concur with everything that "CapeCodGuy" mentioned in his post. Being greedy, we also ordered more than we should have, but at half price, you couldn't go wrong.

    It's great to see a new "different" restaurant in Hyannis and I love that they are open year-round. I think they have been in business for almost a year now and it always seems busy when I drive by daily.

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      I ate at Embargo last night (Monday) with a group of friends. The 1/2 price special actually goes until 6 pm (at least that's what our server told us) and despite being under pressure to make our choices before that time, we enjoyed some great tapas including the Spanish meatballs, tuna sashimi, salmon, scallops, the aforementioned braised garlic chicken and garlic shrimp, and several others. The price for six, including two tapas each, several salads and spring rolls, one dessert, a bottle of wine and several soft drinks, was $180 before tip. Even on a Monday night in early April it was surprisingly busy and I second the comment about the good service. Definitely recommend this place!