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Mar 12, 2008 08:56 PM

Flemings or Capital Grille in Bmore?

On friday, I want to try a steakhouse I haven't been to yet in Baltimore. Flemings and Capital Grille are those two steakhouses (loved Capital Grille in DC, just haven't been to the Baltimore one). (I've read/heard terrible reviews about Jordan's, so I'm not going there on my dime.) I couldn't find anything on this board about Flemings in Bmore. Any suggestions? I've been to all three Ruth's Chris steakhouses, Morton's, Prime Rib, and Shula's, looking to try something else.

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  1. The last time we were at Flemmings, we had a fantastic meal. They seated us in a romantic booth one step above the main dining area so we felt like royalty. We had the most incredible tuna tartare, salads and our steaks were done to perfection. The service was excellent.
    Try to avoid sitting on the opposite side- as the open kitchen area is very noisy (even if the dining room is not) and it's not conducive to a relaxing dinner.

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      I agree. Flemings is very good. We has a lovely bottle of wine, enjoyed great service, and had a beautiful steak that was cooked just to my liking.

    2. Of the national chains, Capital Grille is my favorite (although there is no prime rib, unlike Morton's). The calamari with hot pepper appetizer is sensational. The steak au poivre is excellent. The mashed potatoes are a must-order, and the cheesecake is unusually good.

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        Was just at Cap Grille for my bday... Love the calamari and the pineapple infused martini. I must say the atmosphere isnt the greatest but I do enjoy Mortans breaded shrimp app, chopped salad and cajun rib-eye is a must!!! The ribeye isnt spicy but very flavorful.

      2. I am not a fan of Capital Grille, it was okay, but not worth the price. Flemings I absolutley love. Never had a bad meal or bad service.

        1. I have to differ with most of the above opinions. Of all the chains, Capital Grille is my favorite. Even on an "off" night, I've still found it preferable to Ruths, etc...

          I've always found the steaks to be flavorful and prepared to the correct temp. However, the main reasons I've been a repeat visitor are the cherry pepper calamari and steak tartare - both excellent. (Also - the Stoli Dolis they serve at the bar, while pricey, take the edge off nicely)

          I've only been to Flemings twice, with differing experiences. Once we had great service, but a bland, flavorless steak. The second time was the reverse; nicely prepared food, but our server went MIA halfway through the meal - really MIA, to the extent that we had to get the manager, something I can't stand doing, as it makes me feel like a creep.

          Anyway, hope you enjoy wherever you end up...

          1. My favorite is Flemings! Their steaks are always fabulous - tender & cooked perfectly! Their sides are yum as well. I personally think that the atmosphere at Flemings is cozier than Capital Grille.