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Mar 12, 2008 08:48 PM

Sitting Duck in Long Branch

Went over to Broadway for a midweek fix of Portuguese BBQ ,but my regular place was closed.As a last resort we decided to give the Sitting Duck a second chance after a previous boring visit a few months back.It is only tonight that I realised that it is linked to the Pour House?Had I known,I wouldn't have bothered.I tried the Fish & chips.Sad frozen chips with an excellent piece of lightly batted fish.Unfortunately the fish was just slightly under done and was sent back.This IMO should have been a signal that they had a customer who at the very least expected thier food to be served cooked.I understand the delicate balance of preparing fish,but hey this is one dish the English perfected well before the arrival of Ramsey,Marco and the Roux Bros.Well it came back to me as returned - the same broken piece of battered fish,but flashed under the the grill ! I said nothing and will never return.Batter is a protective coating.They screwed up my order and didn't replace it ( Or offer to )Why are these places still in business?Mindless Monmouth mediocrity prevails.

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  1. From your description of this disaster, sounds as though they've aptly named this place. Unfortunately, the "sitting duck" is the customer! lol

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      Absolutely RGR ! LOL That comment was tastier than the meal..............

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. We've been going to the Sitting Duck about 20 ties a year for awhile. It really works much better as a lunch place. The burgers are first rate. Other standouts are the chicken sandwiches, the French dip, and the pannini specials. Not haute cuisine by any means but solid and well executed dishes done better than most comparable places.

        It really works much better as a lunch place. At dinner they tend to get overly ambitious and don't manage deliver what they promise. It's OK at best. But at lunch, they shine.

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          Bob M. you're correct. I go there quite often for lunch and cannot complain.