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Mar 12, 2008 08:39 PM

Best Shave Ice in Koreatown

I'm on a quest...any suggestions?

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  1. Well might be a far drive for you, if you are from the LA area, but there's a place in Cerritos called Guppies (I hope i spelled that correctly) that has one of the best shaved ice out there. However, they are a bit pricey now, $8.00 for a regular and $12.00 for a large. The regular can feed about 2-3 people and the large will probable feed 5. Sorry I don't know the address right now, but I'm pretty sure you'll find it online somewhere.

    1. Ice Kiss. its on 6th...1-2 blocks west of berendo. on the north side of 6th street.

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        YES! (It's the Froot Loops they sprinke over the top!)

        Ice Kiss
        3407 W 6th St Ste 101A, Los Angeles, CA 90020

      2. We went on a similar quest about a year ago. There are many different opinions on bingsu, and a complicating factor is that many places are inconsistent from trip to trip. And the overall ambiance of the place is significant too in evaluating the overall experience: do they have good selection of unusual beverages? Are the waiters helpful or even civil? Is the place comfortable for sitting a while? (It's a given that it will be expensive . . .but the shop owners have to pay their rent somehow.)

        Overall, the best one we've found so far was probably at Mr. Coffee (6th & Western). Nice dark space, somewhat refined version of bing soo. We also usually like the Galleria Cafe in the Koreatown Galleria (Olympic & Western, top floor, opposite side from the food court), although the quality (and the service) have been a bit erratic--the outstanding fresh mango version we had there once has never been quite repeated.

        There was a decent bingsoo parlor in the parking lot of Odaesan but I assume it's now closed since the parking lot is currently torn up.

        The standard is probably Ice Kiss (3407 W 6th St) but honestly we found it a bit gross there, even leaving the doggie dish aside. I recall some posts about a place in a furniture store somewhere in the same vicinity that was supposed to be nice, but we've never gotten there.

        1. ktown has such an abundance of cafes, 99.9% of which serve bingsu.. my old fav is nicole's cafe on the first floor of ktown plaza (not galleria). i haven't been there in a couple yrs, however, so can't attest to it now but i used to trek down there from oC jas to have the bingsu. :)

          1. What is Shave ice? Is it like a snow cone?

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              its similar to a snow cone (although much better in my opinion)...the korean version this post is talking about should be thinly shaved ice (like a snow cone) and its usually topped with some combo of condensed milk, sweetened red beans, chopped fruits, ice cream and/or flavored syrups

              its pretty common in most asian countries and they're all slightly different b/c they use different toppings (the chinese versions have alot more selection of toppings)


              1. re: Lau

                even Koreans know to go the SGV for Taiwanese shaved ice. same, but cheaper.

                Pa Pa Walk
                Old Country
                Shau May
                ad nausea / etc.

                1. re: TonyC

                  there is this shave ice place that i've been trying to remember called like 80 degrees or farenheit or something like that in the SGV...i've been meaning to go back, but i cant remember what its called, so i can't look it up

                  its kind of cool upscale like tea / shaved ice type place

                  any idea which place im talking about?

                  1. re: Lau

                    85C Tea house:

                    seriously overpriced for shaved ice, but the ambience is unbeatable. i try to visit Cofftea right across the street but... often end up here instead.

                    1. re: TonyC

                      yes that is the place...thx!