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Mar 12, 2008 07:50 PM

FirstWatch Boca

Anybody had breakfast here? Is it any good?

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  1. First Watch is a small Florida chain open from 7 until 2 p.m. I think their food is very good, albeit not that creative. I haven't been to the Boca location but have been to the Naples/ Fort Myers and Sarasota ones and they were consistent. I like their crepe egg preparations which is basically a thin omelet stuffed with other breakfast fare. LMF

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      It's actually located in 11 states, not just Florida. I've been to a couple of them in Ohio, and it's actually pretty creative for the area comparatively. I myself have not been disappointed with either breakfast or lunch, but eimac is right. You can get as good around Boca without it being as pricy.

    2. is this First Watch cafe, the chain? If so, it's my favorite breakfast spot! think they have a website. Lots to choose from.

      1. I enjoy their breakfast skillet and my husband likes the potatoes. But when I think of all the great ( and cheap) breakfast places around Boca, I can't see anyone paying their prices for what is just a pretty ordinary meal.

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          eimac - My wife and I are always looking for different breakfast places. How about a list of your favorites around Boca?

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            Ricki, check out some Chowhound discussions recently on Breakfast in Delray.

            1. re: smartie

              Thanks smartie. I've done that and I think we've hit just about every non-Denny's, non-iHop in the area. I was just curious to see what places eimac was referring to in his post.

              By the way, our new favorite is the Main Street Diner (5600 W Atlantic Blvd, Margate.) It's a bit of a drive from Boca but it's very good.

        2. First Watch is wonderful. Its breakfast dishes are inventive. Everything is fresh. The architectural design at most of the branches is light and airy. Service is fast and friendly. It is my second favorite breakfast spot on the west coast. (My favorite breakfast spot is in Ft. Myers and I will save that posting for another day.) I can't imagine it would be any different on the east coast. Yeah, it's a local chain and, like most posters, I'm not generally wild about chains, but First Watch doesn't feel like one.

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            Oh, please do tell us about your favorite breakfast spot in Ft. Myers! My family is down there right now and I'd love to email them the info.

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              Hi, Chowcat! My favorite breakfast place in Ft. Myers is called "The Oasis." It is on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. drive about six blocks east of the U.S. 41 overpass. (It's right in the downtown near the county building housing the courtrooms, jail, etc.) Try the house specialty, the frittata; any of the multitude of omelettes are great; and the corned beef hash and eggs are delicious. Thanks for asking.

          2. Tried First Watch this morning and it was pretty good. Better than most chains with some interesting items on the menu. I had their Acapulco Express omelette (chorizo, avocado, green chilies and onions, with melted cheeses, topped with sour cream and served with a side of freshly made salsa.) It was good but the chorizo was disappointing. My wife had the avocado, bacon and tomato skillet with two poached eggs and she thought it was good. A nice change from Tom Sawyer's all meat skillet.

            Prices run $6.59 to $7.99 for most breakfast items which is similar to what other places like Tom Sawyer's cost. It's a nice alternative that's nearby to us but it's not as good as most of the (non-chain) places we usually go for breakfast.

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            1. re: RickL

              Thanks for the report rick! debating for monday breakfast between Tom Sawyer or First watch......

              1. re: chefschickie

                Okay chefschickie - where did you go and how was it?

                1. re: RickL

                  haha, sorry to say.... hubby was sick so ended up going to neither..... darn it! will let you know next week! :))

                  1. re: chefschickie

                    doh! still didn't get to go! I will get there eventually........

                  2. re: RickL

                    Ok, I have finally gone! My inlaws were here and they went 4 (!) times while they were here. I went twice. The first time I had the Blueberry pancakes, they're Ginormous!!! Very fluffy, needed a little more Blueberries to my taste but was very good! the inlaws had a Crepe omelet and a regular omelet and both loved them.
                    The second time I went I had skillet with, bacon, tomato & avocado and Poached eggs. It was tasty, came with a little fruitcup.
                    The poached eggs were in a dish with still a lot of water... we also had the French Toast, which was pretty decent.
                    Overal was decent breakfast food, not the best ever, but good and gets you through the day!! and the place was absolutely Packed!