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Apr 5, 2002 01:58 PM

Recommendation for great Thai restaurant?

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Westside preferred. The only place I have been is Tuk Tuk on Pico (just west of Robertson), which is pretty good, but not amazing. Seeking other suggestions.


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  1. I like some of the dishes at Cafe Talesai (Olympic just east of LaPeer) - soft shell crab, "Thai latkes", corn fritters, the fish specials.

    1. If you really want great Thai, you should go as far east as Thai Town where you will find the likes of Palms Thai, Kruang Tedd and Ruen Pair. All have been the subject of detailed posts which you can search for if interested. Purportedly (since I've never been), the Valhala of Thai is Lotus of Siam in Vegas.

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        I've got to second this recommendation. I'm as reluctant to leave the westside as the next guy/gal, but the quality of food at the restaurants mc michael is proposing is so extraordinary, it's worth the not-so-far drive. Even the "gringo" dishes -- eg. pad thai -- are markedly better.

        Sort of like, if you could drive an extra 10 minutes, at get to Paris would you? (Except in this case, replace Paris with, well, Thailand.)

      2. Welcome to town. Thai Town is basically in East Hollywood around 5100 Hollywood Boulevard. Ciao.

        1. Have you been to Rosalynn Thai on Lincoln near Venice Blvd? The atmosphere is quiet and homey and the owner (rosalynn?) is usually threre cooking. (blink and you'll miss the restutaunt on Lincoln). Great green curry with shrimp and bamboo shoots! I save room for the young coconut custard that comes served in the coconut.