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Mar 12, 2008 07:03 PM

Alchohol themed Recipes?

Friend is turning 40 and asks that we bring a dish with a boozy theme. I did a thing that I called "tequila mockingbird" (chicken marinated in margita mix overnight and then grilled) but I wont have access to a grill. Foods that travel (15 minutes) and reheat well would be good.


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  1. Are you only looking for a main course dish- or sides & desserts too?
    JD works great with chicken.

    1. Hey chrisinroch,

      How about a "beef bourbonignon"? Just substitute the cognac with some good bourbon. Will probably play nicely with the hearty red wine.


      1. How much booze does the dish need to have? If it's just an ingredient (rather than enough to get everyone drunk :-), it sounds like a case for Paulette Mitchell's cookbook, "The Spirited Vegetarian". I love this cookbook! Every recipe calls for booze in some form.

        I wish I could recommend a specific recipe, but I haven't actually cooked much from it (I've just used it as inspiration). But here are some links to online recipes from this cookbook:

        Mushroom-Almond Pate (with Sherry)

        Sweet Potato Stew (with Sherry)

        Rainbow Pepper Pasta (with Merlot)

        Pear and Almond Tart (with Amaretto)

        Triple Chocolate-Cassis Brownies

        Berries Royale with Cassis and Champagne (best in the summer)

        I would recommend jello shots, but I'm sure someone else will bring some...


        1. Penne and chicken with vodka tomato cream sauce

          1. Anything but a dessert is welcome. It got bumped due to illness, now its on for April