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Apr 5, 2002 01:30 PM

Good spots for Pinata's on westside of L.A.?

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(This is basically food related, isn't it? They're stuffed with a food-like substance, right?)

Any suggestions for good spots in Southbay/Westside to obtain pinatas? Bonus points if we get to stuff them ourselves.

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  1. You could just come downtown and cruise Broadway... While there you could stop off at Grand Central Market and get some good tortas, gorditas, tacos, etc.

    1. along olympic blvd around alameda, just east of downtown, you will find huge stores that sell pinatas and mexican candy in all their shapes and sizes. in mexico they also fill them with sugarcane pieces along with candy. you can find all this at these stores. they are extremely cheap and authentic too. i know its not in the geographic region you need, but i think its the best place.

      1. I don't know how authentic they are but I've gotten two pinatas in the last year; the first from Smart & Final (a huge clown for under twenty dollars & of course they sell candy there as well) the second I got from Party America at pico & bundy (a smaller fire engine pinata) that was less than $10.
        I thought they were both great, the kids loved them & I only had to drive ten minutes from home.

        And yes, you get to fill it yourself!
        Good luck