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Mar 12, 2008 06:48 PM

Dinner venues around 16th and H, NW on a weekday night?

Hey, I'm looking for good restaurant suggestions for tomorrow (around 615pm) in the 16th and H area, near Lafayette Park.


1) Must be within walking distance of 16th and H
2) Moderately priced - No more than $15-20/entree, and lower is obviously better, but it still has to look like a decent dinner place
3) Relatively quiet so as to allow for a conversation (I'm a bit hard of hearing)
4) No sushi!

Would really appreciate any suggestions you guys can offer, and thanks!

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  1. Hmmm with that price range you are going to make it hard.

    Do you like Asian? Cafe Asia although it has sushi also has a ton of asian dishes and would fit the price range it is on Eye (I) St. right past 17th.

    Old Ebbitt would probably be your best bet for that price range. I just can't think of a lot in that range.

    I know Restaurant K at 17th and K has some entrees in that range, but not all of them are.

    1. Olives is near there. If you stick with pastas, it will be in your price range. It can get loud in their, but 6:15 is so early, I don't think you'll have a problem.

      Bombay Club, a venerable old Indian restaurant, is just west of there, on CT. It definitely fits the budget, but feels fancy.

      1. Thanks! I'm partial to Indian, but Old Ebbit might be the safer choice. Both are great suggestions - thanks!

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          Bombay Club really has good food, I think it may stretch the budget a bit though depending on the entree you get plus bread, some of the better entrees won't be in the budget.

          Old Ebbitt has good oysters and other "safer" options. If you want a table you may want to make a reservation (and then you still have to wait some nights), but there are normally seats at the bar. Plus if you can make it in time, they normally have a nice happy hour with regular food and raw bar items discounted.