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Mar 12, 2008 06:27 PM

Wild Strawberries?

Wondering if anyone knows where to find wild strawberries -- the little ones with a concentrated strawberry flavor, as opposed to the big ones at most of the farmers markets without much flavor at all. Thanks!

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  1. I saw and got them at Whole Foods last summer. But to be honest they don't taste like the ones I got in Paris. It has a strawberry flavor, but the texture can only be described as mushy.

    1. Foodblogger Erin (back when she lived in LA) found some @ Hollywood Farmers Market:


      1. You'll find them at the berry vendor at the Studio City FM when they're in season (soonish).

        1. they are tough to find ... they're so delicate they don't ship at all (and, ahem, the texture of strawberries is supposed to be mushy, not crisp). best bet for the best berries is probably Jerry Rutiz at several farmers markets. get there early.

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            I am not looking for crisp, but the ones I had in Paris was not THAT mushy.

          2. I confirm the Hollywood Farmer's market, but only in season...3 or 4 more months to go.
            They are surprisingly easy to grow from seed.

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            1. re: bad nono

              We found them last season at at least two vendors at the Santa Monica Wednesday market. They have such a great flavor. Like strawberry-flavored Pez.

              R. Jason Coulston