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Mar 12, 2008 06:15 PM

Codman Sq. Chowfind?

Anyone been to Nikisha's Roti Shop in Codman Sq? I am a Roti fiend since discovering them in Toronto about 15 years ago and I am always looking for the best Roti and Curry in the city. I really like Singh's but some times the Roti Skin itslef is less than great, his hot sauce on the other hand needs to be bottles.
I feel as though Ali's, while the roti skin is good, on a whole has gone downhill a bit.
I just found a menu for Nikisha's in my Valupak coupon mailer, I do believe this is the first time I have ever actually opened one of these things, and now I am excited. They deliver, they have macaroni pie, doubles, beef patties and on and on.
Please if anyone can give me some insight into their experience with this place I would be fired up.

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  1. I went there once. I ordered a beef patty and the meat was all dried out. When I let them know that they replaced it---and gave me one that was still partially Nedless to say I have never returned.

    1. I had jury duty a few months ago at the Dorchester Court House, and took the opportunity to check out Nikisha's Roti Shop. I'm a vegetarian, so I mentioned this and asked for a suggestion. The woman at the counter offered me what I believe is the Channa Roti, with a chickpea mixture and a couple of sauces between two smaller pieces of Roti. It was delicious and very satisfying, and cheap!

      Another Chowhound describes the same dish in the following posting: