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Apr 5, 2002 11:38 AM

Chosun Kalbi ----what the hell do I get?

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Greetings fellow going with a large group to Chosun Kalbi in Koreatown this saturday night. Ive never been so I'd appreciate any recs that you may have. Experiences here?? thanks.

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  1. i've been to chosun a few times and have generally had good experiences. there are better & cheaper bbq places in ktown, but chosun is definitely good for groups and it's very clean. the one complaint i would make is service, which can be sporadic, but probably a given with most korean restaurants, especially ones as busy as chosun.

    in any case, the standards are good - galbi, bulgogi, dak (chicken) and daeji (pork) bulgogi. i'm not a fan of intestines and other parts, but have heard that those are good as well. the mul neung myun (cold noodles) is also good (the best in ktown as one of my friends says, though i don't agree), and i would try to get some hot pot, but these may be a little hard to share with a large group.

    hope this helps...

    1. What to eat at Chosun Kalbi ???

      Kalbi of course !!! They have different kind of meat, but the best is Beef, Pork and maybe shrimp. Most Koreans stick with beef. If you want to be authentic, finish your meal with water nang myun. It is usually eaten at end of the meal to clean your patate of all the meat.

      Make sure you go to a newer location since it is cleaner, bigger and nicer overall.