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Mar 12, 2008 05:59 PM

puka dog

so i saw this on anthony bourdain so of course i have to try it! we might only get there once, so what should i order? what's the best? i can do spicy but not tooooo spicy


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  1. there's so many different combos, its really whatever you're feelin. i say go with polish for sure over the veggie dog. i don't find the "hot-hot" habenero too spicy at all (if i could order it spicier i would), but i love spicy. the tropical relishes are all really tasty, i like the coconut a lot, but again, its just what you;re feeling. they're all sweet, but not too much so, and the flavor of whichever relish always seems to blend really nicely with all the other goo. go with the tropical guava mustard (they'd recommend that anyway). i accidentally ate 2 the other night. i was still hungry after the first one, and promptly regretted the 2nd after finishing it. but it may have been the magical alchemy of the 2 puka dogs mixed with copious volumes of unlabeled spirits imbibed just prior on the booze cruise that set me off, rather than the dogs alone. they're a nice novel treat -- however, i wouldn't say their uniquely hawaiian, rather a uniquity in hawaii. enoy!

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      IMO, a puka dog is "guy food" -- a lot of bread. My husband loved it ( I was less enchanted.

      1. re: ClaireWalter

        i unfortunatley LOVE bread- so i'll probably like it! my husband will probably like the dog part more than i do- he's hispanic and cannot understand a meal with no meat!

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          Toncasmo - I love bread too, but GOOD bread. Puka Dog's is like a white sandwich loaf w/ a hole in the middle for the sausages and sauces. But it's not not a big commitment in terms of time or dollars. And you or he or both might love it. In our case, 50% of us liked it a lot more than othe other 50%.

    2. Bourdain's picture is on the wall at Hank's as he visited/ate there. Unfortunately
      he did not film there, Hank's is much more unique and interesting than Puka Dog.
      His chicken dog with fresh mango salsa is out of this world!

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        Many of us were disappointed that they featured Puka Dogs on the show, they are not exactly representative of local cuisine. For a local take on the entire episode, you have to check this link: scroll down to post #41 to start

      2. The hot habanero isn't that hot and especially sweetened with the relish. The Puka dogs are alot of bread, but much fun to eat. And delicious. I thought for sure that the Polish would be better than the veggie dog, but the veggie dog had a great crisp bite when you bit into it. They were both good.
        On a whole different note, make sure you try the malasadas, hawaiin doughnuts! YUM

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        1. re: waitress

          we had malasadas on oahu and loved them- where can we get them on kauai?

            1. re: waitress

              Ono (Delicious) Apple turnovers at Kauai Bakery at Kukui Grove shopping center. Get there early or be disappointed.

        2. Puka Dog Waikiki Tropical Hot Dogs. These are not your usual Chicago dogs. First the "dog" choices are Polish Sausage or Veggie vegetarian hot dogs. Tropical relish and salsa go into the toaster bun before they slide the dog in. Wrapped in paper you can eat your dog outside and enjoy people watching.

          Read our full review and see video of our trip to Puka Dog Waikiki at http://aprilmwilliams....

          1. I always get the tropical salsa on the side or else it is too sweet.

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              funny i started this thread awhile ago and we didn't care for them! not enough dog and waaay too sweet! maybe we made bad choices!