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looking for a citrus reamer

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Looking for a glass citrus reamer, vintage pre 1970s for kitchen use, not as a collector's item. Have been searching thrift stores to no avail.

If you can help me that would be great.

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  1. Found one just like mom had at the Harbourfromt antique market several years ago. Still use it. Good luck. You might try ebay too.

    1. Try yard sales (seriously). I got mine in an auction - it was in a box of kitchen stuff that had one item I wanted so I had to take everything . It cost me $5.

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        I'm thinking Aberfoyle Market would be a good place to look, once they open for the season.

      2. In that strip of antique stores on Queen W near Roncy there's a store that sells a lot of 1950s ish household items. I'm sorry, I can't remember the name, but it is on the north side about halfway up the block. Last time I was there it had a bunch of Pyrex in the window. They might have it.

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          Or you could also try Mrs. Huizenga's - right on Roncesvalles a few blocks North of Queen. Very similar, from the sounds of it...lots of vintage kitchen goods! A cute shop operated by a real sweetheart.

        2. Are you in Toronto? If you don't intend to use the reamer as a collector's item, the kitchenware store (name is Placeware, I think) at the St. Lawrence Market sells brand new glass juice reamers made in France by Arc. I was thrilled to find it there this morning and bought one for a measly $4!!

          (The stall is located on the ground floor, smack in the middle of the hall, South Building).

          1. Sasmart in Kensington, on the north side of Bellevue square might have one. Or you could try Value Village or possibly Tap Phong on Spadina.

            1. I don't actually own a reamer -- I just squeeeeeeeze!...am I missing something by not having a glass one?

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                Not unless you feel you need one more gadget to clean and take up space.

                I am saying this only half in jest because ironically, I was looking at some electric juicers over the weekend and finally convinced myself that I can do just as good by hand and walked away.

                I have one of those wooden reamers and they do an excellent job of it.

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                  I use a glass reamer that must be 30 years old. (A friend owned it previously and gave it to me around 1985) The advantage of using it compared to squeezing the fruit by hand is that you can extract more juice that you could by hand squeezing, and the rind will not break while squeeziing, which oftem happens when I try to hand squeeze. Cleaning the reamer is quite easy and quick.