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The country's best steakhouse?

Tonight at dinner, steak came up as the subject du jour. My daughter asked me what the United States best steakhouse is. I have a few thoughts, however I thought the great people of CH would have a few of their own. What do you think?

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  1. my faves:
    1. Lugers
    2. Berns

    1. Many steaklovers prefer the USDA Prime dry aged beef...so that right away eliminates many steakhouses. Having eaten at great steakhouses across the nation, I think three of the top are: Bern's in Tampa and Sparks and Keen's in New York. Welcome other views please

      1. I also agree that Bern's is great but for my area (kind of) I really like The Angus Barn in Raleigh, phenomenal wine list, excellent AND friendly service (big things in my book), and the steak is very good.

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          In my region, NE, the stand outs, not by my choice, are The Capital Grille (dry aged beef) and Ruth's Chris...

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            Well, on a roadtrip last year we had solid ribeyes at Chef Louis in Mitchell, SD (with a big plaster cow out front), and excellent prime ribs at the Virginian in Buffalo, WY.

            Luger's in Bklyn is tops for porterhouse, but I'm a ribeye guy and maybe the best ribeye I've ever had anywhere (and that includes my hometown NYC's top steakhouses) was at the Wyoming Rib & Chop House in Cody, WY. Not fancy, no pretensions (don't even know if it was aged, let alone what method), good side of summer squash baked with brown sugar, good fries - and one incredible steak, cooked to perfection (medium rare on the rare side).

        2. My favorites:
          Manny's (Minneapolis)
          Pappas Brothers (Dallas)

          1. The best steaks I have ever had were from Diamond grill in Akron, or the Hyde Park chain. Obviously I do not eat many steaks.

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              Kelli, I am assuming you mean the Hyde Park chain here in Columbus. OMG! We have been 2-3 times at a couple of their different restos around town and THE WORST SERVICE. In Dublin, we were placed on a Saturday night next to a family with 3 kids under age 5 at 8 p.m. These kids couldn't stay in their seats and knocked over my older MIL's wine glass. We kept asking to be moved to no avail. Didn't even comp the spilled wine or anything else. Second time, we went to their place in Upper Arlington, was placed at a table for 2 in the vestibule just outside the kitchen door. No thanks, please give us another table. Very rude staff, steak overcooked, not even an apology. Third time we were treated by friends to their new location in the Short North. Again, steak overcooked. Give me The Top in Columbus anyday over Hyde Park.

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                Diane, it was the Hyde Park location in downtown Cleveland. I eat steak maybe 3 times a year and would never order it in a restaurant, as I prefer to try different flavors.

            2. I've had three amazing steaks in my life and can't tell you the names of the places. One was in a small town about 20-40 minutes west of Lincoln, NE. I got off the highway, found a small steak and chop place, and had a rib eye to die for. And it was less than $10.

              The other times it was somewhere in the outskirts of Dallas. Once at some small, rural steak place a 40 minute drive from downtown for another inexpensive and fantastic rib eye. The other time it was at a corporate event where I was working as a trainer, facilitater, and public speaker for several days. The food was catered and they had one night where it was rib eyes and strips. All you can eat. I had several of each and nothing else for dinner. I was in heaven they were so good. I spoke to the cooks and got a huge bunch of raw ones to take home. They were the best marbled steaks I ever saw outside of real Kobe in Kobe Japan. i froze most of them and broke them out as a treat every few weeks.

              I been to Lugers and a few of the other NYC places and while good, even great, they weren't amazing. And I think Lugers has gone downhill drastically the past few years. I finally stopped going.

              I was ate Bern's once but it was a crowded night with slow service. So bad that they gave us a bottle of wine and a round of cocktails on the house. this was after a few rounds of cocktails and wine and by the time we got our food we were too drunk to enjoy it, or remember it.

              1. Does Bern's still have the wine list they had years ago? I recall they had two or three warehouses full of wine just for the restaurant. The wine list was a book about 2" thick. Serious. I bought a copy.

                Has anyone eaten at Doe's Eat Place recently? The original in Greenville Mississippi, not one of the franchise locations. Quite a steakhouse in the old days.