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Mar 12, 2008 05:28 PM

Looking for romantic restaurant for marriage proposal in SF bayarea

Fellow Chowhounders: I need your help. I am going to propose to my fiancee later this month and want to do it in romantic restaurant, preferably with piano.
Somewhere in or near San Francisco, cuisine can be French, Italian or Latin American/Spanish, but am open to other suggestions if the ambiance is right.I am willing to pay a substantial amount so finances are not an issue. I appreciate any and all recommendations as I have not been in bayarea/San Francisco for long and Chowhounders have always been a great source of assistance.

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  1. Just sticking to the piano request.

    Hotel restaurants typically have a piano option. Two that come to mind are Seasons in the Four Season Hotel, and the Oak Room at the Westin.

    A non-hotel option might be Bix.

    There are probably better romantic options but the piano part limits the choices.

    56 Gold St., San Francisco, CA 94133

    1. A previous thread on a similar question and the pros and cons.

      1. Cafe Jacqueline is the most romantic restaurant I've been to. It's really tiny, all candelit and and specialize in savory and sweet souffle. It's on upper Grant in Norh Beach. Check it out on yelp, they don't have a website.

        1. I think Bix is very romantic... there is a beautiful staircase that leads to the upstairs or small, intimate corners near the piano. Nice ambient light, lovely white-suited waiters, and very good food.

          1. The most romantic place I know is El Paseo in downtown Mill Valley. Despite the name, the food and ambiance are country French. Awesome wine cellar. No piano, though.