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Mar 12, 2008 05:18 PM

Fish Stock in Boston

I'm looking for a place (maybe a restaurant) that will sell me a couple quarts of fish stock for a recipe I'm cooking at home. I love to make the stock, but it's an all-day affair. I had a reliable source in New York City, but now that I've moved here, I'm at a loss.

I tried Summer Shack - i figured it would be easy for them to sell me some, but they were out.

Any ideas?

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  1. I buy Kitchen Basics Seafood Stock at Whole Foods for $2.99 per 32 oz carton. Works very well for fish and seafood stews that call for clam juice or seafood stock.

    1. Fish stock generally you cook much less time than meat stocks/broths. You can easily make a stock in an hour and a half, even 45 minutes is fine. That said, the Fishmonger on Huron Ave usually has a freezer full of fish and other seafood stocks, and specializes in this kind of things.

      1. I have bought frozen fish stock at Whole Foods and I saw it the other day at Formaggio in the South End (cannot comment on quality for that one, but the WF one is fine). I would usually prefer to make my own, but finding good fish carcasses and so on can be a pain these days unless you have a nice local place......