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Mar 12, 2008 05:09 PM


I've just had my first mochi (a sweet pumpkin one) from St Pierre's new Green Tea lounge and now I'm wanting to find out more about them - specificially: how is Mochi pronounced, what sort of nutritional value do these scrumptious things have? Can anyone enlighten me?

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  1. Well they are traditionally made from pounded glutinous rice (sweet pumpkin? interesting idea!) so as far as nutritional value goes, think of it as rice. It's pronounced pretty much phonetically, ie. mo-chi (the mo as in "hot"). I was brought up to add "o" in front and call it "omochi", which is like a polite form (the "o" is also short sounding, like in "hot")

    The favourite ways the Japanese enjoy this is either grilled over hot coals painted with soy and wrapped in nori, or in clear dashi as per the traditional New Year's soup. In my experience anyway.

    There must be heaps of literature on it on the web ... Use that as a starting point. Hope this helps?

    1. There are the plain white ones, and then there are the sweet filled ones. It sounds like you had one of those. The outside is rice paste (sometimes flavored and colored), and then the inside can be lots of things..although red bean or
      white bean are the traditional ones.

      I say it MOH-Chee

      I think if you search "sweet filled mochi" you will find lots of info.

      Here's one link which even has recipes.