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Apr 4, 2002 08:18 PM

Volcano Tea - boba and beyond

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At this point I've had my fill of boba. The latest weekend habit is the pudding drink at Volcano Tea House. They have a four-color pudding drink in flavors of taro, mango, chocolate and "milk", suspended in milk tea which you suck up through the 'large' straw. [I had thought most of these places didn't vary too much until I tried finding the same drink elsewhere and had to put up with *sigh* amateurs.] Also, Volcano Tea's drinks pair well with their spicy chicken bits. These are bite-sized chicken chunks, fried in a curry-ish batter along with some basil leaves and served in a small baggy with skewer sticks. And, for the loyal boba-fans, their boba has always been consistent - firm, elastic, never bloated - very "q".

In addition to the novelty (ok and admittedly mean) is to check out the asian-asians and see what fashion I am NOT missing out on. Truly addictive.

Volvano Tea House
2111 Sawtelle Blvd (other side of Olympic Collection)

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  1. I have tried most of the boba places on Sawtelle and in Westwood and Volcano is consistently the best (haven't explored San Gabriel Valley tapioca beverages, yet). I've been meaning to try some other things there but was never sure what to get... the pudding drink thing sounds interesting, thanks for the suggestion. Any other flavor experiences to try there?

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      Boba and "buding" produce as much waste as Starbucks. I bring my own glass or bowl, and while the Taiwanese lads and lasses behind the counter at Volcano snicker about "ziji dailai de wan," they're happy to fill my nondisposable vessels. "Yinwei juede xuyao huanbao."

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        My daughter is a bobaholic and has tried most of the boba places both on the Westside as well as Chinatown and the San Gabriel Valley. She says Volcano is the best.

      2. Have you tried Relaxtion? Its really good. I know Volcano is kewl but relax has nice boba and even better gurlz =P