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Mar 12, 2008 04:54 PM

Recipe ideas for Caramel that turned out too hard!

Today I made homemade Caramels, and now that the batch has cooled I have a 9 x 9 square of VERY brittle caramel. I've made this recipe before and they came out wonderfully soft and chewy, so I'm not sure what I did wrong! It is so brittle I'm afraid I might break a tooth trying to eat it! Does anyone have any recipes or ideas with what do with it, I hate to throw it away!! Thanks!

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  1. When it's happened to me, I break the block up with a hammer and wrap small pieces in waxed paper---and savor them; I looooovvvee caramel!

    1. Crumble and swirl into ice cream.

      1. You cooked it too long. That's the simplest explanation for the brittleness -- that you cooked the caramel past the hard ball stage, around 250 F.

        Learn the stages of sugar/candy cooking from soft ball to hard ball to soft crack and hard crack. Each stage has a temperature and a way of measuring it using a cup of water. Or you can invest $10 in a candy thermometer.

        Other questions that could pinpoint the problem:

        Did you add milk or cream to the caramel to make caramel candy? Did you add it immediately after the mixture turned a medium shade of amber?

        And did you add it off the heat, and then pour it into the greased pan?
        Or, did you continue cooking after the addition of cream?

        Was the pan or your kitchen cold so the candy cooled too quickly?