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Best Bean and Cheese Burrito in LA or OC

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Looking for the best bean and cheese burrito. Any suggestions?

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  1. seen this same question before but my vote is for al & b's in boyle hts

      1. I have 3 friends who swear by Yuca's bean & cheese.

        1. Try the bean & cheese burrito (it comes with some green-style sauce inside and its good) at Cozy Corner Drive-In in Santa Ana on Harbor/Hazard. Its huge and tasty and only a little more than $2!

          1. J&S in Montebello is truly a gem for bean & cheese burritos and the best I've had anywhere in SoCal IMHO! They have been in business for over 40 years and open 24 hours! J&S is located on Garfield avenue just south of the Pomona fwy.

            1. Taco Plus: Bean and cheese burrito, with cilantro, onions, and salsa. Ask them to add pico and sliced avocado. The result reminds me of the veggie burrito at Taqueria Cancun in SF...

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                when you all mean bean and cheese burritos, are you noting that there's lard or not. and more to the point, are 99% of bean and cheese burritos have lard in the beans?


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                  No lard at Taco Plus. They also don't have refried beans -- only whole black and pinto.

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                    what's the location of taco plus?


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                      I go to the one on Bundy in the mini-mall with 7-11, but there's another location on National, too. Here's their website:


                      Forgot to mention -- the burrito comes with rice as well.

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                        That's in my neck of the woods, right next door to the Italian joint. The Italian place doesn't look that tempting at all, but keeps long hours, is it worth a try too?