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Mar 12, 2008 04:11 PM

Thai in Richmond Hill (Yonge/Major Mac)

Thailand Kitchen, along Yonge, north of Major Mac is all papered-up.

I tried calling the number and no answer. Does anyone know if they've moved somewhere else or maybe just renovating? Thanks.

They had good pad thai.

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  1. Have no idea, but you should try Thai Spoon on Newkirk. Love their food.

    1. Probably not. They would have put up a sign if they were, sounds like they just closed.

      Unfortunately, not too many good thai restos in Richmond Hill. I'd move to Bayview and Major Mac and get into Restoran Malaysia. They have good pad thai also, among lots of other things.

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        1. re: pokerdan

          Thumbs up for me too!

          Thai Spoon is also very good and they deliver.

      1. You can try Royal Orchard Thai at Yonge and Royal Orchard, south of Highway 7

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        1. re: jshel

          I've heard good things about this place. Any specific dishes stand out??

          1. re: Maimonides

            I haven't been there lately, but got take-out from there and ate inside a few times in the past. My experiences were mediocre. It was very average, I certainly would not recommend it.

            1. re: SMOG

              My colleagues and I really enjoy Sweet Basil (on Bayview north of Major Mackenzie)...I think it's more pan-asian but they have an awesome lunch menu...great value for the prices you pay. I would even say that I like their food better at lunch than I do at dinnertime...

              1. re: Sandybandy

                Are they faster at lunch? The food is good there, but whenever I've been there for dinner, the only downside is they are PAINFULLY slow. Like I've learned you have to order an appetizer as they are seating you otherwise you will be waiting a half hour before they even take your appetizer/drink order.
                I can't imagine going there at lunch on a tight schedule.

                1. re: pescatarian

                  The staff at lunch (in my mind) beat the hell out of the dinnertime staff. They are quick at lunch...I honestly have no complaints.
                  For the lunch pricing, you get a starter soup (chicken wonton or veggie hot and sour) and your meal which comes with 2 spring rolls...all for about $10. On their regular menu, the spring rolls (3 of them on the dinner menu) alone are about $3.50 or something like that...they are damn good spring rolls too. We really like it lunchtime = )

                2. re: Sandybandy

                  Sweet Basil is terrible! Their pad thai tastes like Ketchup, the wok dishes have no meat in them and are all covered in sugary sauces, even their shrimp chips and peanut sauce are terrible. I dont know much about Thai restaurant options in Richmondt HIll, but Sweet Basil is a sad, sad example.

          2. Stars of Thai Cuisine is excellent. They're on Hwy 7, on the north side, just east of Woodbine. Their pad thai and their mango fish are great!!