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Mar 12, 2008 04:10 PM

Late evening Dining

Thanks to all who have answered my previous post on where to eat. I do have one more question. On one of our nights in the city we are taking in a show. We do not like to eat early in the day but have found alot of restaurants tend to rush you out if go in late (say 10ish) is that the case with restraunts like Le bernardin or Jean Georges?

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  1. When we had dinner at Jean Georges in October, our reservation was for 9:45. We arrived early and as it turned out, they were able to seat us at 9:30. We were given an excellent table, we ordered the 6-course tasting menu, service was flawless, and we were not in the least rushed. We noticed that two tables were seated after us, the second at about 10:15. When we left, they were still there, and it was clear that nobody was rushing them out.

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      Thank you that is very good to know !

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        If you are going to see a musical as opposed to a play, then you should expect to not get out of the theater before 10:45. Just keep that in mind when deciding where to go.

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          I agree that when choosing a restaurant for after-theater dining, it's important to know two things: the time you will be leaving the theater [that means the play's running time + intermission(s)], and how late the restaurant is willing to serve you. Also, on Tuesdays, most plays start at 7:30 instead of the usual 8.

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        We were there for maybe a 9pm reservation and were there until 1 am - never rushed.

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          It seems pretty easy to get a late night reservation at Babbo. Most times I try they only have 10 or 11 p.m. left.

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            Good to know thanks. The show gets out at 915 we plan on going to so i was figuring 10/1030 for the reservation