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Apr 4, 2002 06:05 PM

San Diego recommendations?

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Hello. Will be in San Diego for the first time ever the weekend of April 12th for a Navy graduation. Staying at the downtown Motel 6 on 2nd Ave. We won't have a lot of time, but would love some breakfast or dinner suggestions. Did a search, but would like to see if anyone has recommendations more specific to downtown or Coronado since our time is limited. Thanks.


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  1. For breakfast, don't, under any circumstances, miss Cafe 222 in downtown San Diego. One of the best breakfasts in America, hands down. Have the pumpkin waffles. See link below for details.


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    1. re: Molly

      I definately second Cafe 222.

    2. Check out the California Board. There are a lot of active hounds posting about San Diego eats.

      BTW, don't miss a stroll through the Hotel del Coronado.

      1. j
        JENW aka wuman_child

        This may not be in your plans, but if you chance by some late-night celebrating, one of the (extraordinary) gems of San Diego is Extraordinary Desserts on Fifth Avenue (one way street). They always do something a little more special on their desserts and usually add edible flowers for garnish. High attention to detail and wonderful, beautiful ambience.

        Extraordinary Desserts
        2929 Fifth Avenue


        1. Blue Point Coastal Cuisine (Gaslamp District 565 5th Ave) is almost as good as the Water Grill (best seafood in LA), but not quite as expensive.

          1. c
            Caitlin McGrath

            You should post your query (and read past threads) on the general California board. There's a quite active SD contingent there.