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Mar 12, 2008 03:09 PM

The Monstrosity at Rts. 28 & 29 (Centerville)

Drove by the other night and noticed that it's finally open. I couldn't read the name, but it's three stories tall and looks pentagonal. Can it possibly be a single restaurant? There were lots of cars out front, but I don't know how a place that big can sustain, especially because I heard it was upscale. I'm very curious. Anyone have any intell.?

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    1. I havent heard anything good about Alto Plaza. Especially the 'upscale' third floor. Such a shame, it has the best mountain view from the west balcony tables. Parking is a problem too.

      1. check out Tom Setsima's review in the W. Post magazine, first time I have ever seen a no star review...

        1. Sietsema killed this place. I wouldn't go there at gunpoint.

          1. I drove by the other day and thought it said "autoplaza" and was some sort of upscale snobby car place!