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Mar 12, 2008 01:29 PM

Atlanta- Thank You Gift???

I was in a car accident while at work this week in IL, and was really helped by a business colleague (who will be returning tomorrow to Atlanta where he lives). I would love to send a thank you basket, and am wondering if there are any 'houndy ideas for places in Atlanta that could put something together. I wanted to send wine, as he loves Silver Oak Cab, but cannot ship wine to GA-- so even a wine shop that could deliver a basket would be great.

Thanks from a Midwest Hound!

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  1. I live in Georgia and I've sent wine (and received wine from this site) to friends here before. I've sent gifts from the California Wine Club. Their web site is

    1. There's a great store in Chapel Hill, NC called 'A Southern Season'. They have really nice gift baskets, and it appears that you can send wine baskets to GA from their site.

      1. Try Star Provisions, I'm sure they'd put together a very nice gift for you. Or Barrellman Wine and Cheese on Peachtree. Bella Cucina on N. Highland has beautiful gift baskets/bowls, as well.

        1. You can also call Happy Herman's - they do nice wine baskets here in Atlanta. Also, check out the winery - they do some nice gifts as well. Hope you're doing ok!

          1. Thanks for all your suggestions. Since my friend and I had spoken about Bacchanalia, I chose Star Provisions. I spoke with Dana, one of their managers. She couldn't have been nicer! She put together an amazing basket and had it couriered to my friend's house. He was thrilled, and so am I with their professionalism and creativity. Can't wait to visit their place when I am next in Atlanta. Y'all are lucky to have such a place.

            And thanks for your concern-- I am doing great!

            Star Provisions
            1198 Howell Mill Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30318