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Philadelphia - Sports Bar or just a place 2 watch games

Went to College in Philly and knew it well. Going to be in town (from NY) in early April with a group (approx 10 Adults & 10 14 year olds). Staying in Wayne, but driving into Center City Saturday for dinner and to walk around a bit.

Looking for a place for dinner with plenty of TV's so we can watch the Final Four games. A sports bar; a red sauce Italian joint; a burger joint, ribs..whatever. Nothing too fancy as we don't want to dress, but not looking for a dive either.

I would think someplace on South Street or on/around Penn's Landing would be best, but I guess we're open to anything.

Also, If the weather is ok, iI Penn's Landing the best place to hang out with teens? Is is anything like South Street Seaport in NYC or Quincy Market (Faneuil Hall) in Boston? Retail/food/stuff?


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  1. Penn's Landing is most definitely NOT like the other places you mentioned...no retail/food/etc., just the river more or less. South Street, on the other hand, probably would be fine for your group with plenty of the options you seem to be looking for. Not quite sure where to guide you, however, for dinner in that area that would showing the final four. Best bet would probably be a pub like Kildare's on Headhouse Square (just off of South St.).

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      Dark Horse on Headhouse Square would be another good option. Also you could eat in South Philly and then head down to Chickie and Petes down by the Stadiums.

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      1. Dave & Buster's would be a good place for drinks and watching the games.

        1. I'm a big fan of Chickie's & Pete's in South Philly. It'll be packed, I'm sure, but it's a really big place, great wings, crab fries (yum), and seafood. They'll most definitely have all the games on.

          1. Chickie's & Pete's is THE sports bar in the city, but the Field House is right in Center City (next to Reading Terminal) and has plenty of TVs, beer choices and decent food.

            1. Thanks for the ideas, but I'm still striking out. Chickie and Pete's has nothing available (due to commitments w/ the arena football team)....

              Dark Horse is probably too pubby.

              In NYC, there are a million bars where we could put find say 4 tables of 6 each with views of 2 or 3 plasmas with games on. Or, there are lots of family style italian places with tv's scattered in the dining room. I'm really looking for something along either of those lines. Cheap beer and $5 burgers isn't quite right, nor is $30 for a bowl of pasta, but something in between works well. I thought Maggianos (even tho it's a chain!) might be a good idea, but no TV's in the dining room (only at the bar). I'm not married to Center City, but it is my first choice. Manayunk or anywhere on the main line could be considered...we're staying in Devon.

              How's Smokey Joe's these days? Is that someplace to consider? Last time i was in there it had just been renovated (of course, that was 25+ years ago (when it moved to 40th Street :-) . thanks

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                The Ugly Moose on Shurs Lane in Manayunk. Great bar with standard bar fare (great burgers, wings, etc.) that also has some additional entrees like pasta, meatloaf, chicken, & ribs. Some nice big plasma TVs and free parking. It's off Main Street, up the hill a few blocks.


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                  Try Champps, Penns Landing location:


                  Decent food with enough variety for teens and parents + can handle larger groups. Walls of monitors guarentee a great view of the game from each table.

                  Alternative would be Dave & Busters as mentioned above. Have decent food and drink options with lots to do for the teens:


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                    I'm not familiar with an Italian restaurant that plays final four games. Only sports bars and gastropubs.

                  2. oddly enough, sang kee has pretty large flat screens in at least one of their dining areas, if not both. usually has the game, no sound. (no guarantees, either).

                    1. If you're staying in Wayne, go a bit further west to the Winner's Circle Sports Grille in Exton (Routes 30 & 100) OR in Edgemont on Route 3. http://www.winnerscirclesportsgrille.com

                      Place has like a MILLION TV's and a couple of big screens, etc. I think they are giving away a big screen TV during the Final Four weekend too. Worth checking out, food is VERY good too.

                      1. Check out Fox and Hound located at 15th and Spruce in Center City. It's a big place with tons of screens. Wings, burgers and nachos all at reasonable prices. It shouldn't be that hard to find a table, although it does tend to get a bit overrun with the happy hour crowd.

                        1. with a bunch of young kids, I'd second the recommendation for Dave & Busters if you want to stay in the center city area but if you want something more like Quincy Market then I'd suggest Manayunk...

                          1. penn's landing itself is a bit of a void, you'll have to walk a couple blocks away from the water for retail. franklin fountain would definitely be a cool place to take the teens after your event - big old fashioned ice cream dishes.

                            i have no idea what final four is so you should definitely call first, but near penn's landing is a great little pub called charlie's with good food, too. it's a small place, but often uncrowded. there is a pool table room in the back and booths + bar in front. nice TVs and a lot of them.

                            also liberties bar in northern liberties / 2nd st - not too too far. good place for a large group. 3 big TVs. 2nd st fries are decent and addictive (like crab fries at c&p but a little fatter)... the rest of the food is, eh.

                            1. go to Field House in center city. across the stree from Reading Terminal market. It used to be Independence Brewpub. Lots of tv's, apporpriate for both the adults and kids.