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Mar 12, 2008 01:15 PM

Philadelphia - Sports Bar or just a place 2 watch games

Went to College in Philly and knew it well. Going to be in town (from NY) in early April with a group (approx 10 Adults & 10 14 year olds). Staying in Wayne, but driving into Center City Saturday for dinner and to walk around a bit.

Looking for a place for dinner with plenty of TV's so we can watch the Final Four games. A sports bar; a red sauce Italian joint; a burger joint, ribs..whatever. Nothing too fancy as we don't want to dress, but not looking for a dive either.

I would think someplace on South Street or on/around Penn's Landing would be best, but I guess we're open to anything.

Also, If the weather is ok, iI Penn's Landing the best place to hang out with teens? Is is anything like South Street Seaport in NYC or Quincy Market (Faneuil Hall) in Boston? Retail/food/stuff?


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  1. Penn's Landing is most definitely NOT like the other places you retail/food/etc., just the river more or less. South Street, on the other hand, probably would be fine for your group with plenty of the options you seem to be looking for. Not quite sure where to guide you, however, for dinner in that area that would showing the final four. Best bet would probably be a pub like Kildare's on Headhouse Square (just off of South St.).

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      Dark Horse on Headhouse Square would be another good option. Also you could eat in South Philly and then head down to Chickie and Petes down by the Stadiums.

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      1. Dave & Buster's would be a good place for drinks and watching the games.

        1. I'm a big fan of Chickie's & Pete's in South Philly. It'll be packed, I'm sure, but it's a really big place, great wings, crab fries (yum), and seafood. They'll most definitely have all the games on.

          1. Chickie's & Pete's is THE sports bar in the city, but the Field House is right in Center City (next to Reading Terminal) and has plenty of TVs, beer choices and decent food.