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Mar 12, 2008 01:06 PM

restaurants in St. Pete in or near the Vinoy

I'm going to be at a conference next month at the Vinoy in St. Petersburg. I'd like to try a few different places, preferably a stroll away. I like almost all cuisines and atmosphere is also important to me unless the food is so fabulous as to render the location irrelevant.

Not much info seems to be available about the Vinoy's restaurants. Any input is appreciated.


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  1. Ceviche Tapas Bar is close and also Bella Brava on Central. Good eating.

    1. My wife had a conference there last year and we had dinner at Pacific Wave which is a couple of minutes by car or a nice stroll like 9 blocks away.

      1. My current favorite in downtown St. Pete is Savannah on Central Ave. Great nouveau Southern. This is a bit of a trek from the Vinoy.

        1. We really like the Parkshore Grill on Beach Drive, about a block from the Vinoy.

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            We stayed at the Vinoy last weekend for our conference. Most of the meals were within the hotel, which did an excellent job of catering. We did have a lovely evening at Parkshore Grill, sitting outside and watching the street scene. It was lively with some blues festival nearby. We walked down to the Pier and decided that it would be better to keep the original Columbia in our memory rather than do the one there. Tried to have drinks at Cha Cha Coconuts (which I believe is owned by The Columbia) but it was so filthy, we decided to pass and had a drink at Moon Under Water. Thanks for everyone's input. LMF

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              Uh Oh!
              I just recommend Cha Cha Coconuts for a group of 20 college students...well maybe it will still be cleaner than their dorm rooms!

              Glad you enjoyed Parkshore, I've only had apps there and it was very good, pretty place.

              Didn't know Cha Cha was owned by the columbia. There's a Cha Cha on Armand Circle down in Sarasota too...

          2. The original comment has been removed