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Upper Crust - what don't I get?

The crust is too dry, with way too much flour and too thin.

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  1. The couple of times I've been I thought the crust was like cardboard, both in consistency and flavor. The rest of the slice is fine, but still not outstanding. My wife says I'm crazy: she agrees its far from the best in town, but options on Newbury Street are slim.

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      Upper Crust is ok in a pinch if you need lunchtime delivery, at least they have a good selection of toppings... but I much prefer the Neopolitan slice at Bostone (site of old Newbury Pizza). It's darn near perfect for my thin-crust, NYC-style tastes.

      1. re: rosie17

        But Upper Crust isn't trying to by NYC-style. It's closer to a neapolitan pizza with it's thin crust.

        1. re: pamalamb

          I didn't say they were trying to be NYC style. I don't mind Upper Crust, and I definitely prefer it to greasy, lower quality pan pizzas. rec'd Bostone rec for pierce, who was lamenting the lack of options on Newbury St.

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        Bostone is directly across Newbury street from Upper Crust. Try it out and see what you think.

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          I agree, I like Bostone much better than Upper Crust. Sadly, I don't think Bostone delivers to me in the South End unless I want to fork over the dining in fees which I refuse to do for pizza.

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            I'm with you. Not only does Dining In charge the delivery fee, but I have also found them to inflate menu prices. I compared the DI book to several take out menus I had, and DI seemed to be considerably higher in some cases. The menus may have been dated I suppose...I did not investigate further.

            Additionally, I feel like I always get cold food from DI.

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              Yes Dining In charges both a delivery fee plus a markup on the food which irks me since the fee is obvious but the markup is not transparent.

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                My understanding is that DI gets only the fees, any increased menu prices are a premium the restaurant (not DI) is charging for delivery orders. I can't see a restauranteur giving a delivery vendor free reign with pricing. Result is the same to the consumer, wildly overpriced take out.

          2. re: pierce

            Options on Newbury may be slim, but there is a far superior pizza place directly across the street in Bostone. Even old Newbury Pizza was better.

          3. I haven't been to UC in a while and people I know say it's inconsistent now, but I haven't had a slice anywhere near as good in Eastern MA.

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              I'm going to reverse my opinion. My trusted friend had a UC pie last night: $23 plus tip and delivery charge (formerly known as tip) and proclained the crust leathery and the rest unremarkable.

            2. I find Upper Crust and Sweet Tomatoes to be very similar, I like a thin, crisp, well done crust but find that both places suffer from a lack of flavor, particularly in their sauces. I still long for the days when Emma and her husband were making pizza!

              1. ebpizza, are you into thin pizza? I think people like what ever they grew up with. I'm from CT, its thin there(but not as thin as Upper Crust). I really don't like thicker greek pizza so I have to go for the opposite extreme and Upper Crust suits me just fine. I also really like their pepperoni. I do wish there tomato sauce was saucy-er and less chunky.

                Now Upper Crust's whole wheat crust is another story. Never ever get it. It is so gross and dry and cardboard textured.

                1. I didn't like upper crust. I thought it was trying to do something (NY style/Neopolitan) without really knowing how to do it. It's ok I guess, but certainly (costs) too much for (giving) too little. I'm going to do Bostones soon to see what's up there.

                  1. Something about their sauce really annoys me, and their crust can be offputting. I do like some of their topping combos though.

                    1. have to agree not what it used to be think they got too big, too fast with all these new locations. the pies can be overcooked, burnt curst and just not worth the money. dominoes seems to do a better job these days, toooo bad

                      1. You absolutely do get it. Upper crust pizza simply doesn't taste good. I think it's famous in Boston because it's a decent college pizza.

                        1. It's not as good as it used to be.

                          I'm not that thrilled with Bostone, either, and their needlessly surly service is offputting.

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                            Surly? The owners are so wonderfully friendly. When I order from Boston I like a well done "slice style" pie. For some reason it's better than the type of pie they usually serve as their large pie. I think it's stretched thinner, and cut into six slices.

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                              RE: Bostone

                              They have been extremely rude to my co-workers and I every time we've been in for lunch. Almost comically "soup nazi"-ish.

                              Once a woman ahead of us in line asked politely if they had pizza with some ingredient (I forgot what it was ... is was Italian and pretty well-known, arugula, for example though that wasn't it) and they mockingly professed not to have any idea what she was talking about and went on to chastise her for asking such a ridiculous question of them. She walked out.

                              We ordered, ate and have not been back.

                              1. re: C. Hamster

                                Sorry to hear about your experiences. It is a bit hard to believe we are talking about the same Bostone. I have been there over a dozen times and have never seen or experienced anything remotely like the service you describe. The owners are generally on site and go out of their way to be friendly. When it gets busy, the service can be spotty, but never surley IMO.

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                                  I am not sure who the owners are, but the people who have been rude have been early 20-something men with a distinct attitude.

                          2. I also thought the taste was funny -- I don't like them at all. So I agree with you.

                            1. AMEN! I thought I was the only one who was not impressed by Upper Crust. Granted, yes, I like a thicker crust style such as Regina's (only the North End one by the way) or Bostone. I just don't like Upper Crust's taste at all. I'm not a fan of the sauce or the crust.

                              1. my wife and I got a pie from there the other night, while I thought the sauce was nice (it was sweet, and seasoned nicely), and it was cheesed well, the crust itself was underdone. I absolutely HATE that.

                                1. I've tried Upper Crust and didn't care for it. I should probably retry and also need to try Bostone. I'm just not generally in Back Bay around lunchtime.

                                  Another Globe story...looks like somebody REALLY doesn't like UC..:)


                                  1. we just had a bad experience with Upper Crust, too. We had to wait 45 mins for delivery and then received a pizza with NO CHEESE on it. We specifically stated that we wanted a white pizza, mozzarella and ricotta, and instead we got some carboard with spinach on it. When we called and explained the problem they said they'd VIP a new pizza. VIP meant waiting another 40 minutes. Too bad.

                                    1. I'm so with you. The crust does NOTHING for me unless i take it home, put it in the toaster over and heat it up really fast and hot to try and give it some crisp and texture. Otherwise I feel like their pizza is SO mediocre and I just don't understand the buzz. Why do they get Best Pizza each year from the local mags? I find the sauce to be boring - it looks like they just opened up a can of crushed tomatoes and that's it. The toppings are okay but to me if you don't have great crust it's not worth it. I try this place occasionally hoping that it will get better and I will say that I'm the type of person who thinks there's no such thing as a bad pizza but there is such a thing as not great pizza and to me upper crust is just that - not great

                                      1. I agree with the general consensus, but I don't think I'm crazy in remembering that UC did use to be a lot better than it is now. (At the Coolidge Corner location, anyway -- I don't think I've ever eaten at any other.)

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                                          I've only ever had it from the Coolidge Corner outlet, and while I liked the thin crispy crust and the toppings, I was put off by some kind of "flavor sprinkle" they put on it. I'm not sure what it was but for me it detracted from the natural flavors of the pie.

                                        2. I almost never go now, since I'm loyal to Bostone Pizza across the street in Back Bay, but recently I had a slice just for a change of pace and I thought it was pretty lousy. I think the only really good location is Coolidge Corner: either that, or the chain in general has just declined precipitously recently.

                                          1. I have to disagree with the general feeling here on this board. I order delivery from the Charles St. Upper Crust 2-3 times a month to the financial district and the quality has always been excellent, and many different pies have been sampled. Also, Samthedog, I guess I have a little more patience than you. A 45 minute wait for delivery is not excessive, especially if you are calling during a busy time. However, if your pizza was not up to snuff , I guess it doesn't matter how long it takes.

                                            1. I just don't understand the appeal of Upper Crust. I've never had a decent slice of pizza there. I have it only when I am rushing to a film at the Coolidge Corner and nothing else would be faster.

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                                                You know, I think you're much better off with a whole pie than a slice. I'm in love with their white spinach pizza, I could eat it every day. But anytime I've popped in and gotten a slice I've found it to be "eh".

                                              2. I don't "get it" either - basically, I pay the same or more for LESS.

                                                I'm wary that some consumers like to pay more to think they're getting something better - what's the real 'value proposition' of this gourmet pizza, or Fiji water for that matter??? Location, location, location...

                                                I have nothing great to say about Bostone either: it's just typical American pizza. Sufficient quantity, true, but overall meh. (fwiw, basic pizza & most hot dogs are barely worth discussing, in my book.)

                                                I'm a fan of Crazy Dough's buffalo chicken slices, and wish they made the Philly Cheese Steak more often! Most people don't like "weird pizza," however...