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Mar 12, 2008 01:04 PM

Upper Crust - what don't I get?

The crust is too dry, with way too much flour and too thin.

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  1. The couple of times I've been I thought the crust was like cardboard, both in consistency and flavor. The rest of the slice is fine, but still not outstanding. My wife says I'm crazy: she agrees its far from the best in town, but options on Newbury Street are slim.

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    1. re: pierce

      Upper Crust is ok in a pinch if you need lunchtime delivery, at least they have a good selection of toppings... but I much prefer the Neopolitan slice at Bostone (site of old Newbury Pizza). It's darn near perfect for my thin-crust, NYC-style tastes.

      1. re: rosie17

        But Upper Crust isn't trying to by NYC-style. It's closer to a neapolitan pizza with it's thin crust.

        1. re: pamalamb

          I didn't say they were trying to be NYC style. I don't mind Upper Crust, and I definitely prefer it to greasy, lower quality pan pizzas. rec'd Bostone rec for pierce, who was lamenting the lack of options on Newbury St.

      2. re: pierce

        Bostone is directly across Newbury street from Upper Crust. Try it out and see what you think.

        1. re: Gabatta

          I agree, I like Bostone much better than Upper Crust. Sadly, I don't think Bostone delivers to me in the South End unless I want to fork over the dining in fees which I refuse to do for pizza.

          1. re: lissy

            I'm with you. Not only does Dining In charge the delivery fee, but I have also found them to inflate menu prices. I compared the DI book to several take out menus I had, and DI seemed to be considerably higher in some cases. The menus may have been dated I suppose...I did not investigate further.

            Additionally, I feel like I always get cold food from DI.

            1. re: Gabatta

              Yes Dining In charges both a delivery fee plus a markup on the food which irks me since the fee is obvious but the markup is not transparent.

              1. re: Gabatta

                My understanding is that DI gets only the fees, any increased menu prices are a premium the restaurant (not DI) is charging for delivery orders. I can't see a restauranteur giving a delivery vendor free reign with pricing. Result is the same to the consumer, wildly overpriced take out.

          2. re: pierce

            Options on Newbury may be slim, but there is a far superior pizza place directly across the street in Bostone. Even old Newbury Pizza was better.

          3. I haven't been to UC in a while and people I know say it's inconsistent now, but I haven't had a slice anywhere near as good in Eastern MA.

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            1. re: almansa

              I'm going to reverse my opinion. My trusted friend had a UC pie last night: $23 plus tip and delivery charge (formerly known as tip) and proclained the crust leathery and the rest unremarkable.

            2. I find Upper Crust and Sweet Tomatoes to be very similar, I like a thin, crisp, well done crust but find that both places suffer from a lack of flavor, particularly in their sauces. I still long for the days when Emma and her husband were making pizza!

              1. ebpizza, are you into thin pizza? I think people like what ever they grew up with. I'm from CT, its thin there(but not as thin as Upper Crust). I really don't like thicker greek pizza so I have to go for the opposite extreme and Upper Crust suits me just fine. I also really like their pepperoni. I do wish there tomato sauce was saucy-er and less chunky.

                Now Upper Crust's whole wheat crust is another story. Never ever get it. It is so gross and dry and cardboard textured.

                1. I didn't like upper crust. I thought it was trying to do something (NY style/Neopolitan) without really knowing how to do it. It's ok I guess, but certainly (costs) too much for (giving) too little. I'm going to do Bostones soon to see what's up there.