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Mar 12, 2008 01:01 PM

Molokheya - In Toronto?

When I was serching for koshari for my Egyptian friend, the great people on this board came through with flying colours. I am wondering if it might happen again.

Another very popular dish in Egypt is molokheya. Molokheya is actually a herb also known as Jew's Mallow. The traditional dish is a chicken soup with the molokheya. My friend would perfer the beef version (?). If anyone knows of a restaurant that serves this dish or a tried and true receipe, please let me know. All this snow is making my friend homesick and I am trying to bring a little bit of Egypt to snowbound Toronto.

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  1. I had it once at an Egyptian friend's house. I consider myself very open to trying new things but it was the most foul tasting meal I have ever had. Her grandmother made it so I was forced to grin and bear it.

    Who knows though. Maybe she was just a bad cook.

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      During my research on molokheya I got the sense that it is an acquired taste which is why I was hoping to get a tried and TRUE recipe....I may not be able to tell if I cooked it properly! Sorry you had such a bad experience...the things we do for grandmothers!!

    2. If you are looking for recipes, definitely post over on the home cooking board. I'm sure you'll find help over there!

      1. i'm egyptian/lebanese and i don't know anywhere in the city to get molokheya in a restaurant...turns out some people think it's foul!!... we usually make it at home. We make it with chicken, can buy the chopped leaves frozen at NASR or ARZ which are both on Lawrence near Victoria Park. A 'rough' recipe: combine a couple of the frozen packets with (maybe a litre?) chicken stock and barely simmer - don't boil (I'm not sure but think that boiling makes it more slimy) then fry lots of garlic, fresh corriander and ground corriander seed and add to the molokheya, plus salt to taste. Serve with chicken (when I'm making a quickie dinner I buy a roasted chicken from the grocery store and it's great!) and rice and red onions that have been 'pickled' for an hour or so in red wine vinegar. In Egypt they often make it with rabbit, and I don't see why you couldn't make it with the chicken broth but serve it with nice rich braised lamb shank would be fantastic. there is a recipe on that looks more involved but also uses lamb (they call it Mlukhieh). hope this helps!

        1. A few years ago, I had a Molokheya stew at Momo's (on Robert St. at Harbord). Momo's is listed as serving Middle Eastern fare. Since I've never had this dish anywhere else, I can't say if it was "authentic" or Egyptian, though I did enjoy it very much -- decently rich and not runny.

          (Momo's is a small casual neighbourhood resto popular with University students and faculty.)

          It's been a few years since I've had it and my memory may be faulty but I think it was a tomato-based stew with Molokheya and lamb, served over rice.

          Perhaps you can give Momo's a call and ask them for more info about their menu?

          1. I used to make it with a friend of mine from Alexandria. The broth was made from lamb and the molokheya was added at the end. Garlic and crushed coriander seeds were fried in butter and that was poured over the top of the simmering broth just before serving. The "soup" was ladelled over rice, lot's of fresh lemon...