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Mar 12, 2008 12:46 PM

BBQ Worth the Drive

We tripped over a new place called Jacjalope BBQ in Fishkill on Rt. 9 (just north of 87 on the west side of the road). it was about lunch time, and we were hungry (early breakfast) so we stopped in. REALLY good BBQ - certainly better than anything else in the extended area (and no, i have not had a chance to stop by the guy with the trailer on 22 yet). We split a rack of St. Louis style ribs. Very good and with several different kinds of sauce. We particularly liked the Habanero sauce - very tastly and not horribly spicy. Reasonably priced, beer on tap, a decent house wine. Good service - very friendly. We're going to go back there for the salt and pepper beef ribs - the place is definately worth the drive. They have a full complement of BBQ stuff and a very informal, Texas atmosphere. The waitress told us that they were having a blue grass band this Thursday. I don't know if that's a special deal or if music on Thursdays is a common thing. their website is

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  1. Thanks for the review, I was waiting for someone to try it.

    I think it's just north of 84, not 87. Their website is not working, just a placemarker.

    Big W's has moved from their trailer on Route 22 to Wingdale, to a real building.