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Mar 12, 2008 12:35 PM

Where can i buy live lobster in Queens?

Does anyone know of a good place to get fresh live lobster and crabs? Are there any Asian markets that sell it? It's my bday tomorrow and i want to celebrate with lots of seafood...I would appreciate any suggestions. Anywhere in Queens, preferrably near Astoria but anywhere will do! Also additional details such as pricing would be much much appreciated!
Thanks so much!

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  1. Flushing's China town is your best bet. There you can find live lobster, shrimp, fish...etc. I think you can find them between $10-15/lb, and most lobsters are between 1 1/2 to 2 lbs. Good luck and happy birthday!

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      I get mine in Elmhurst....New York Market, Hong Kong, and Top Line are all within a block of each other, and have great prices and excellent quality. I don't know what the prices are now, but they will go down later in the spring. Topline has the lowest prices, Hong Kong has higher prices (but only by a dollar) but you can go right up to the tanks and see them really clearly...I am very particular about the ones I pick out....

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        Thanks so much all! i'll definitely be checking out the elmhurst rec...i'm really craving to get the crabs. I appreciate your replies so much

    2. Hey there- an asian market that specializes in live seafood just opened in fresh meadows. Don’t remember the name of the place, but they took over the spot formally occupied by the associated supermarket on 96ave & 195th street (same shopping center as fresh meadows pizza, across from PS 26).

      Lots of live seafood- tanks everywhere. I’m not sure how the prices are, I only quickly stopped in to take a peak.

      1. If 63rd Dr in Rego Park is convenient, there is an Asian fish market called Jumbo. It's south of Queens Blvd by about two blocks. Excellent market.

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          Jumbo is not that great....far inferior to the Asian markets in Elmhurst and Flushing. Its good for shrimp......If you get lobster, go on Sunday...that's the day they get their lobster shipments. Most of the time, their lobsters look old and sluggish...and it is higher priced. Forest Hills Fishery on Austin St. usually has lobsters, but at much higher prices than even the most expensive Asian market.

        2. How about U Mart on 31st Avenue and 56th Street in Woodside? I know they have a broad seafood selection, including crabs and, I think, lobsters...