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Mar 12, 2008 12:31 PM

35th Street Bistro - Tom Black

I love this restaurant, but I’ve yet to go back since Tom Black – formerly of Barking Frog – took over as their new chef. Has anyone been in the last month or so? I’d be curious to get feedback. The most recent reviews have all been pretty good…

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  1. I went for Sunday brunch a month ago, which was also their first day to serve a basket of pastries with the entrees. FANTASTIC. The entrees themselves were good too.

    1. We went there today after not going for about a year (just never made it over to Fremont) and I was a little disappointed. I used to love their eggs benedict, but I found that it was really greasy as the english muffin appeared to be saturated in butter. My SO had their burger which I've always heard rave reviews about and was disappointed as well. It too was really greasy - the plate was covered in oil by the time he was done.

      I mean...we aren't health food nuts or anything like that and yes, certain degrees of fattiness are to be expected with the dishes we ordered them, but this was just overkill in my opinion.