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Mar 12, 2008 11:44 AM

hashimoto demo

got word of this from someone but won't be in town then... funny enough, hopefully getting some serious kaiseki. but for anyone who's interested this could certainly be interesting.

Chef of Kaiseki Yuzen Hashimoto, Masaki Hashimoto will be doing a Japanese Culinary Seminar at George Brown College Monday, March 31st.

This will be a one time event where Chef Hashimoto will be doing demonstrations of the Japanese culinary.
This event is hosted by the Consulate General of Japan, and therefore reservations for seats must be made through them.

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  1. I called the Consulate General of Japan office about this. They directed me to the Japanese Information Centre (416.363.5488). They, in turn, told me that they haven't decided when they are taking RSVPs. We should call back next week to check.

    Thanks for the tip, pinstripeprincess.