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Mar 12, 2008 11:37 AM

Philly Hound Visiting Boston staying near Theatre District


Will be in Boston end of April on business in theatre district. Would love reasonable really good food recs within a decent cab ride/walk away. Love Portuguese, Seafood, and Italian . Thanks in advance for your recs!

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  1. Please define: "reasonable" and "decent cab ride/walk away". My reasonable may be your expensive and vice versa. Once you define that, recommendations will be easier to make.

    1. You're a 15 min walk/2-3 stop on the green line ride from the North End, where you'll see many recs for places like Prezza, Carmen, Mama Maria, Antico Forno. A good place to visit as its unique. Teatro and Via Matta are right in the theater area. Portugese at Atasca, a 5 or so min walk from the Kendall Sq. red line stop. There's a Legal right in the Park Sq. area or back to the north end for Neptune or 15 min walk to the south end for B&G. Or another 5 min for no frills seafood at Morse on Washington St. Right in your neighborhood, lots of people like Pigalle.

      1. If you are a fan of beer, Publick House in Brookline (on the Green line, not too too far from Fenway) is great and probably on par with Eulogy (from what I've heard)--tasty food, great beer selection!

        Walk across the Park to Boylston Street to Parish Cafe ( for pretty good gourmet sandwiches.

        Hit Chinatown (whole other search on the board): Pho Vietnam, Chau Chow City, China Pearl, etc.

        Silvertone ( in Downtown Crossing is very tasty and reasonable.

        1. If you go to Neptune Oyster (Salem St., North End), you can get great seafood and great Italian all at once.

          You might also like Daily Catch (Hanover St., North End). More divey, quite tiny, but if you like seafood and pasta (especially squid), you'll enjoy.

          1. There are quite a few good seafood spots that are reasonably priced in Chinatown.