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Mar 12, 2008 11:34 AM

Butterfield 9 bar?

Elyssa, hope you are on! Wanted to ask you, or anyone else familiar with Butterfield 9, about the bar? Is it a separate space from the dining room? Do they have good drinks & wine by the glass? Is it slammed on friday at happy hour? i think we are eating there friday night and am trying to decide whether to go there for drinks first or go over to the Hay Adams and then walk or cab over to B. 9 for dinner.

Also, have you had the dessert sampler? What's on it...and is it worth saving room for??

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  1. The bar is a separate space from the dining room. It's not typically a place that gets "slammed," but on a Friday it might be busy. I've not eaten in the bar, so I can't weigh in on the food options.

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      thanks..we're actually eating in the dining room but always like to have drinks first in the bar (if there is a good one).

    2. I was there on a Saturday night, so I can't comment on crowdedness during happy hour, but the bar was REALLY empty that night. A few people came and went as they were waiting to be seated, but that was it. It's a separate space from the dining room, and I think it was kind of small and felt cramped, but it's been a while, so I can't remember exactly.

      1. Hey DCDoll. The bar is in a seperate are from the main dining rooms (there is a downstairs and upstairs area). I don't think you'll have a problem just stopping in and grabbing a seat at the bar. They have a nice wine list, but the Hay Adams is always a nice place for a pre-dinner drink. So I would say go there and then walk over to Butterfield 9 for dinner.

        I've never had the dessert sampler. I actually don't even know what's in you?

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          No but i always love any kind of sampler!
          Actually we had a slight change of plan and ended up at the Hay Adams and then stayed to eat at the Lafayette room. I'm going to do a separate post on that. We'll do B9 next week i think. thanks!