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Mar 12, 2008 11:34 AM

Boston Bakery for Easter Dessert

I'm heading home for Easter next weekend and I always make a dessert. I just moved into a new place and my kitchen supplies are empty. I want to bring home a fresh bakery dessert that will wow everyone.

What is your favorite bakery dessert in Boston (all baked goodies are welcome too) ...and what should I specifically get there?

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  1. In terms of beautiful desserts, I think it's hard to do better than Athan's in Brookline and Brighton.

    Personally, I love the Napoleon, but for a group, I might suggest one of the mousse tortes...perhaps a Framboise?

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    1. re: finlero

      has anyone tried the tortes at athans...they look beautiful

      1. re: seedove17

        I can vouch for the tortes.

        To clarify my first post, I've tried most of their desserts over the past several years. The Napoleon is my personal favorite, but I've never gone wrong with any of the baked goods or gelati. The handmade chocolates are only ok, but all the other desserts are excellent.

    2. i love the chocolate chip cookies (crispy on the outside, chewy, melty chocolate on the inside), sticky buns, and lemon tarts (super sour, i love it) from FLOUR in the s.end so much i even dreamed about it last night.

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        Second Athans, and I like Petsie's pies (for some reason prefer Somerville location to Cambridge store) particularly the pecan and banana creme. Party Favors makes beautiful looking stuff and Sweet Tooth in South Boston on West Broadway has a lovely fancy carrot cake

      2. I don't know when they're open around Easter, but the New Paris Bakery in Brookline does mini eclairs that are to die for. DIE FOR. Everything else there is good, but remember: no one says "maybe" to a killer eclair. (In any case, Athans is entirely reliable.)

        1. In Brookline on Beacon Street is Japonaise which has some understated and beautiful cakes of very high quality. However if you require over the top razzle dazzle, they might not be for you.

          Across Beacon Street is Tatte, a new bakery in the location of the former Savoy (bakery). Tatte has some impressive nut tarts.