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Mar 12, 2008 11:26 AM

Help-Waitsfield 1824 house or Juniper Hill Inn

We have a choice to make for dinner this weekend ( also a place to stay)...need to decide if 1824 House Restaurant is better than Juniper Hill Inn restaurant...

It is a birthday weekend and we also will be looking for a romantic bnb to stay in....




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  1. The Juniper Hill Inn has a great location and is a beautiful property - never ate there though...

    1. Hello, I am the innkeeper at Juniper Hill Inn and would like you to refer to an unbiased online discussion on Juniper Hill Inn dining from a past chowhound article named something like "Where is Home Hill Inn?" The subscribers go on to discuss the merits of both. Although I have not been to the 1824 House I have heard good things about it as well. We would graciously invite you to stay with us and be pleased to make a reservation at our restaurant or any of the other very fine establishments that are in our wonderful region of Vermont. In any case Happy Birthday.

      Thank you,

      Innkeeper at Juniper Hill Inn