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Mar 12, 2008 11:22 AM

Hanger Steak

I cooked a hanger steak for the first time. The local korean/spanish grocery had it in a cryo-vaked package (I don't like these packages because you're buying a lot of water and/blood) for $2 a pound. I trimmed and cooked it simple, i.e., salt and pepper rub, seared in cast iron pan threw it in the oven til medium rare.

I love this cut of meat. Not sure why it is not more available or people make more use of it. the steak was so soft my wife and kits were cutting it with a folk. It had a texture that reminded me of a proper BBQ brisket. Just excellent flavor was well, very beefy with a slight livery finish.

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  1. Hanger steak was one of those cuts called a "butcher's cut", that the butcher would take home for himself. There's only one per carcass, and it's pretty small, so few butchers would even put it in their case. You're right, tho...outstanding piece of meat.

    1. Wow,$2 a lb. That's an excellent price. Hanger is a relatively lesser known cut but seems to be gaining fans, and incresing in price.
      I really like it although it's been a while since I've bought it. I think I'll visit the butcher this weekend and see how much it's going for.

      1. Wow - great price. It's a favorite of ours, along with flank and skirt steak.

        1. We had hangar this week too. It's great! Love that butteryness. We're paying about $12 for about 1.25lb though, so you really rocked out.

          Personally, I like entrana (the Argentinian skirt steak cut) better but they're pretty darn close in flavor and entrana is a difficult cut to find unless you go to a Argentinian butcher)

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            orangwasabi - Just to clarify, you're referring to a butcher in Argentina right? Or an Argentinian who's a butcher in a country that allows the importation of Argentinian beef. My understanding is that the US does not not allow the importation of Argentinian beef.

            1. re: ilikefood

              Sorry, to be clear I'm talking about a guy who cuts meat in the Argentinian style.

          2. Try eating it with a little fresh arugula and olive oil...nice!