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Mar 12, 2008 11:08 AM

Best Online Wine Stores

Any suggestions for finding wine online?

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  1. 1) Look here: -- most of the stores cited in that thread have online sites.

    2) EVERY store -- be it a "brick-and-mortar" store or an online webiste -- specializes in something. So . . . what kind of wines are you looking for?


    1. I really like Southern Hemisphere Wine Center

      I'm partial to malbec. They have some very nice ones at very good prices... as well as good prices on other wines from areas south of the equator.

      They shipped the same day I placed my order -- shipping costs weren't crazy (shipping + bottle cost was still several dollars less a bottle than local prices for me).

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      1. re: karmalaw

        I agree. They have a great price on 2006 Neil Ellis Pinotage ($15.99) -- an outstanding red from South Africa. Another great website is Wines Til Sold Out ( -- they sell a wine until their stock is gone and often have great deals with free shipping. I recently bought four bottles of 2003 Casanova di Neri Rosso di Montalcino for $14 per bottle.

        1. re: Husky

          I only find a few great deals from them a year, but those that I do find are steals. '05 Alma Rosa La Encantada pinot noir at $27.99 was a no brainer. I think I paid $50 for this at the winery, so loaded up when I saw this. And it's close enough that I can go pick up there instead of shipping. -mJ

      2. has been my go-to store for the past 6 years. Even tho the brick and mortar store is less than an hour from my home, I've still never been there.

        and if they have a "specialty" I don't know what that is. The place has a HUUUGE inventory in all categories.

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        1. re: ChefJune

          Definitely worth a trip there. It is about an 45 minutes to an hour from us, but we visit a couple times a year. -mJ

          1. re: ChefJune

            I'VE ORDERED FROM them before and it was hassle free shopping. My one problem was that one of the items I purchased was incorrectly described as a certain blend which it was not. They claimed that it was the wineries fault....finger pointing ensued. whatever, the wine was good.

          2. I have a couple of new faves - 1) - cool store and great site - I head there when I'm in NC visiting family; 2) - friend just turned me on to them and cool site with good deals.

            1. I really like - really affordable and great, high quality wine with great service to match. You can also get wine recommendations from them tailored to your taste.