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Mar 12, 2008 11:02 AM

David Burke (the Venetian, Las Vegas)

Does anyone have any experience with David Burke at the Venetian. I looking to fill in a lunch or possible dinner hole on my upcoming trip. The menu looks intriguing. I have never dined at any of his restaurants. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I ate there last December. My friend had a lobster "steak" that was delicious and I had Snapper cooked on a cast Iron plate that was amazing! The "Burke in a box" appetizer was good but not great. We split the Creme Brulee sampler for dessert. Five different flavors! (even the Grape was good!) Service was ok, I don't think we looked cool enough for the staff. I have seen some extremely bad reviews however, so I am not sure if my experience was a normal one or not.

    1. Did you search here? Generally poor reviews. I haven't tried it because I didn't really enjoy his food the times I ate it in New York (Park Ave. Cafe, David Burke & Donatella)and Chicago (Park Ave. Cafe IIRC). I think he tries to be whimsical but more often than not the ideas are better in conception than execution. Have you considered Bouchon for your remaining dinner? Or DB Brasserie? DB is on our short to-return-soon list, maybe April.

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      1. re: Debbie W

        Dinners for this trip are set. Alex, B&B, Okada and SW in that order. We are staying at the Wynn which is why our selections are heavy there. Was thinking about lunch on our last day at David Burke. Lunch always seems less committing. Have been to both Bouchon and DB Brasserie and enjoy them both.

        1. re: climberdoc

          Nothing like staying at the at it's best and you have chosen wisely on the restaurants..
          Have a great time!

      2. I had dinner there two weeks ago, it was very, very disappointing. David Burke is an extremely talented Chef, but he is not cooking at this location. The kitchen here has serious problems. When I pointed out problems with the food, no one cared. I felt like I was being hustled by the dining staff. Terrible. I am a Chef and restaurant owner, have eaten all over Europe. Spend your money elsewhere.

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        1. re: mdietrich

          mdietrich - where did you eat when you were there two weeks ago? Anything GOOD? Seems like so many of these reviews are poor - either the food, the service, or the price is ridiculously high.
          We just returned from Atlanta and hit great places every single night. At about 1/2 the price of LV restaurants. Why can't LV dining get its act together? Perhaps it is a staffing problem?

          1. re: shellie

            on the strip, the prices will be very's the nature of the to quality ( food & service ) i think there are numerous places that have quality service and food, this is the challenge of chowhound - you really need to find reviews that are similar to yours ( meaning someone reviewed a restaurant as you did ) and then check to see if that person has reviewed a restaurant you wish to try.
            In vegas, it's rare...very rare that the "name" chef is present....

            happy eating !!

            i was going to try david burke's place or aquaknox this weekend ....after reading mdietrich's comments, i have some doubts about burke's but i plan to review some of mdietrich's past reviews to see if we have commonality ( i think that's a word )

            happy eating !

            1. re: shellie

              Sometimes I wonder if people don't exxagerate at both ends of the scale (including myself). Personally, I tend not to comment on bad experiences until I see others with the same experience. Maybe I just don't want to relive the bad ones. As far as "getting its act together", I feel that Vegas is one of the top "food cities" around. Prices are high, but I feel that the great majority of the time I get wonderful value for my money.

              1. re: foodgimp

                i often wonder about that too...used to be i wouldn't write a personal experience until i ate at the place 2 times but it's tough for me to get to a place 2 times ...there really are so many dang places to try in vegas and with 4-6 new casino's opening in the next 2 years or so, imagine how many more places to try !?!? crazy ...