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Mar 12, 2008 10:46 AM

DeBauve & Gallais Chocolates - Worth the Premium?

There have been many posts on the merits of Kee's, Jacques Torres', Pierre Marcolini's, and Martine's chocolates, among others, but very little mention of Debauve and Gallais. Setting aside presentation, how do DeBauve and Gallais chocolates compare to the rest in terms of taste? Worth the higher cost?

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  1. Good question - that store is beautiful, but I've not tried them yet. Now that I think of it, I've not tried Torres or Martine either. I seem to limit my chocolate eating to Kee's!

    1. Compared to Kee's and JT - yes - I don't know the others. But the DeBauve & Gallais I have in my kitchen right now are superb.

      The only thing better is getting these FedEx

      1. I can finally answer my own question, after recently trying a dozen of their chocolates ($4+/piece). As far as I can tell from a single sampling, there is nothing special tastewise about Debauve and Gallais chocolates. For my tastebuds, it's a clear case of the emperor's new clothes - beautifully displayed and wrapped chocolate from a posh shop on the UES, that tastes no better than chocolates at half the cost from a half dozen other shops around town.

        And then there's the issue of freshness. As someone has written elsewhere: other things being equal, would you rather have a chocolate that was made within the past day or two in Manhattan or Brooklyn, or one that was made several months ago in Europe?