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Mar 12, 2008 10:42 AM

Get thee to Auntie Em's tonight!

It's the second night of the seasonal "market dinner." Don't know if they're booked, but there are seatings at 6:30 and 8:30. Went to the early dinner last night.
A wonderful fresh and creamy pea soup.
A nice, light salad of greens.
Choice of four main courses--moroccan lamb stew. white bean, sausage and duck cassoulet.
braised beef ribs over creme fraiche mashed potatoes. wild muchroom lasagne.
I tasted all of the above--and espcially like the lasagne and cassoulet. Though one table mate raved about his beef ribs.
There was a cheese course--small and well balanced, including a cowgirl creamery selection. (forget which one--I was too full and happy to notice)
Finally a light and lovely strawberry shortcake.
All for $32.
Chef/owner Terri Wahl stopped by the tables to make sure everyone was happy.
They were.

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  1. i went to one of the market dinners a few months back and was a bit underwhelmed.

    i didnt really like that we were all stuffed in there and it was soooo dark

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      It is a small space, but the tables didn't seem that close together last night. I was outside in the back and it wasn't cramped or dark.

    2. Interesting - we were there last night at the 8:30 seating, and the menu was a bit different:

      -orange-scented carrot soup
      -salad with asparagus and a lemony dressing
      -in lieu of beef ribs, we had a piece of beef (braised, I think) over peruvian mashed potatoes with garlicky sauteed spinach. The lamb stew and cassoulet were the same.
      -almond cake with strawberry-lavendar compote

      It was indeed a good deal- we were seated on the back patio, which was neither dark nor crowded. I would ask to be seated there again if we return. My only quibble is that we had to wait nearly 20 minutes to get seated. (I do understand that they had to turn nearly all the tables over at once... but 20 minutes. I was ravenous by the time we finally sat down.)

      1. I went last night too and blogged about it (/w pics: ) - but yea it was pretty dark and a bit too cramped for my personal liking.

        I found the lasagna too rich and salty (but still pretty good) - could've done without the bechamel in my opinion.

        Also, not sure how easy it was for diners to just walk into the farmers market dinner -- I made my reservations about two weeks ago and was not given only given Mar. 11 seating options, so I assume tonight's would be fully booked.


        1. i thought it was a little pricey too. 40 bucks(tax, tip) + drink.

          soup, salad, entree, some cheese and dessert.

          plastic cups, fold out chairs, etc. bleh

          On a positive note, i thought the people working there were extremely friendly

          1. mmm i was here tonight. Amazing! the orange scented carrot soup was my favorite. i loved the asparagus salad, and the mushroom lasagna was out of this world! seriously, i was so happy here. then the cheese plate came. i was even happier. followed by desert... this amazing cake with strawberry sauce and the incredible almonds that are served with the cheese plate. it was worth every Penny and i only wish i could eat like this every night. service was excellent. auntie em's rules.